I was recently laid off from my job and find that I have a lot of free time on my hands. I wasn't able to decide what path I wanted to go down.

I was at a friends house reorganizing her messy pantry. As she sat there and watched me she said, "you would make the perfect professional organizer...you should consider starting your own professional organizing business." Never thought of doing something like that before.

So, I'm looking into training and finding out what I need to get a business like that started. Best idea my friend has ever come up with! Thanks!
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how are you getting on with that? I'm thinking of changing career currently doing gardening thinking of hairdressing but my confidence too low at the moment. :)

As a messy person I could undestand totally the need for someone like you darling

Best of luck to you!

What is your professional skill set and what are your interests?

so you want a career as an event planner?


mmm...i love summaries