been cheating on my husband with a friend that i have known for 5 yrs we always talked and but the last few monthes the talking and flirting has gotten more aggressive i have not been happy in my marriage in a long time this is my second marriage my first husband cheated on me but my second marriage was good but the past 5 yrs it has gone down hill i have warned him that i wasnt happy and i didnt know how much longer i could do this so my friend and i decided to meet one day and talk and things went further . I am not ashamed nor do i feel guilty my friend is 10n yrs younger than i am and since i first cheated i have told my husband things were over and i was moving out he is in denial there is alot more problems in the marriage but that would take all day to explain in short when i married him i guess i married his family also  .I have slept with my friend several more times since this i dont know if it will go any further but im not feeling guilty for what i did  .
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I think you should stop before everything blows up in you face because I have known people that have done this and it did not end well for both sides