Support Hamdeen Sabbahi!

I know he hasn’t got much of a chance to win the election and be Egypt’s first president after the great revolution, but I will still support him and if I had a vote I would have definitely given it to him.

Unfortunately, all the polls have been conducted showed that he occupied the fourth or the fifth choice, which is disappointing and worrying as well, because two of the evilest symbols of the previous oppressive regime have been chosen to be at the top choices of the public opinion!!!
Unbelievable, yes I’m not able to believe it!!!! If we choose them, then what exactly have we accomplished with this revolution?  The young people who lost their lives and the people who lost their eyes and the people who can’t walk anymore have gone through this for what? To choose Mubarak’s minister of Foreign Affairs or worse to choose Mubarak’s Prime minister as a President? Well, I say let Mubarak as well enter the election!! I can’t see any difference!
Also, another thing, I don't think it would be good for Egypt's reputation to have a president who has been thrown by shoes  LOL!!  YES Ahmed Shafik   was thrwon by shoes, he is our Bush! LOL!

Later some polls have showed that Hamdeen has made a progress and reached the top choices, yet I still don’t see that he is strong enough to win!

I’d say the reason he hasn’t got much popularity is not that the people do not like him, but it is because he is not financially strong enough  to have a proper Election campaign, this for sure will affect his chances, because the people can’t see and hear him as much as they see and hear the other candidates!

Well he is not a BIG THIEF like the others; I think his financial weakness should be a merit NOT a demerit! For a politician who has not ‘suddenly’ got rich, I give him my respect! The important question here is: where the hell they got all this money to finance such campaigns? Form the people’s money, very simple!

Why do I support him?

Because I see him as today’s Abdul Nasser! For those who don’t know who is Abdul Nasser, he is Egypt’s former president who ruled Egypt at the 50s and he was such an incredible president that I wish I have lived in his days! Brave and caring about his country, I have seen his speeches, oh wow, I wish I could see one of our leaders today saying half what he said!

He achieved Social justice at his time, he gave all Egyptians equal opportunities and the poor lived a good life since he was following the socialist system, he improved Egypt’s economy by Nationalizing the Suez Canal which is an achievement remaining until today and Egypt is benefiting from it. He used to talk about Arab unity and he did take steps and did many things to achieve this unity!

Now, Hamdeen Sabbahi is one of his strong followers since he has formed Al Karama party which is a Nasseri party, so I only assume he has the same mentality and the same kind of thinking and Egypt needs someone like this now, specially now.

I'm not only assuming but supporting my assumption, I have seen an old debate between Al Sadat “former Egypt’s president who made peace with Israel!!!!!” and Hamdeen as a university student!! I was really impressed how as a young man he just stood up in front of his country’s president and opposed Camp David, opposed his economical system etc…. If he had such thinking and encouragement when he was young with no power, I think he for sure will achieve something when he is older with power!! He also has opposed Mubarak many times before the revolution and was affected by that! Finally, I haven’t heard anything bad about him until now, so why not support him?

I’m concerned about the election, specially now as I can see partly results of the votes!! Kind of disappointing.  But I’m still confident that Egypt today is not like before! I mean if our luck is bad and one of the bad guys wins the election, he will not last for 30 years! If Hamdeen doesn’t get a chance now, as I think and hope not, then he will get a chance later! One thing I’m sure of, Egypt is going forward in spite of all the haters and the corrupted. 
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Very informative as ever , thanks for the insight Missgaga.

Happy to, and I'm always happy to see your comment Peza! :))