Married 14+ Years Now and Absolutely No Regrets

My wife and I married nearly 15 years ago. Every since I can remember I did not want/need children. Most people would tell me (years ago) that i would change my mind--not so.

We love the lifestyle that the freedom allows. We get to be as selfish as we want without harming a child. We are not contributing to the world overpopulation problem (we would adopt if we wanted a child anyhow).

I love the decision everyday and am proud to be "childless by choice"

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So at 19yrs+ still no regrets. Our life has been as we would expect and deserve.<br />
Loving life at 44......

Hello, I'm a polish psychology student currently writing my MA thesis. I'm looking for volountary childless women who would agree to take part in the psychological research concerning highpoints and costs of being childless both in Great Britain and in Poland. The research is of course anonimous and contains few short small questionnaires. If you are childless by choice, at least 30 and heterosexual and willing to fill in the test, please contact me on the e-mail adress: I would really appreciate any help:) Best regards – Natalia Schiller

not that anyone else's difference in opinion would change mine - but it is especially comforting to me to have a place where other people share this particular opinion with me and I can comment freely on that opinion without alienating myself or my husband. thanks EP commentators & commenters!

Sounds like you have 2 great boys-wonderful of them to consider adoption over more creation.

Hello! It might sound like bragging but I have been married twice as long as you. We have 2 sons but neither one of them want to bring a child <br />
into this crazy world and both figure they can adopt. Cheers!