I Don't Feel I Am Missing Anything ...

I don't understand the reason for having children, truly I don't.  I imagine that alot of people who hear me say this think I am cold and unfeeling.  It's not that I don't enjoy my nieces and nephews when I am around them - I do, but God, am I ready to go home after a weekend.  :)  Maybe it's because they are not my kids - I hear that all the time.  :)  But I truly cannot imagine having one, either.  It would drive me nuts - constantly having to be responsible for someone else.  I know this sounds selfish, but my life is just fine the way it is.

I have been very happily married for nearly 15 years; my husband and I enjoy freedom that no kids brings.  If we ever wanted children, we would adopt.  There are so very many children in this world now without homes, who go hungry every day - why would I create more kids when I could take one or two of those to love and give homes to?

I am childless by choice, and very, very happy that way.

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My wife and I did not have children by choice. I am not a selfish person. If someone ever said that I was because I did not have children I would ask them if a selfish person would make a good parent. I think not.

Hear hear! I am so very happy to hear all of your comments and the story. I am 27 years old and I have decided without much trepidation that I do not want kids. My friend who has 2 young boys tells me, oh it's different when they are your own. Uh, no. That would only cause me to want to strangle them faster, and easier. I love kids, did the babysitting thing growing up, and I love my niece to death. But, there are too many crazies, too much procreation, and too many bad values and influences in this world to make me even consider for a split second bringing a child into this world of hell on earth.

I agree i love the nephews but also im trying to tear the door off the hinges to escape , lol !

I am childless by choice also. I've had friends with children try to set me up with other childless couples thinking I would have more in common with them. Not so!<br />
It's exactly that kind of thinking that puts a wall up - I am just me, and I see other women, whether they have children or not, as just them! Maybe they don't see themselves as an individual anymore, but as someone's mother.<br />
What the heck happens to women once they have a child??? I know that after the kids leave home 20 years later, the women go through some sort of transition - oh wow, they suddenly have time for themselves....it takes them a while to shift gears and when they do, they feel so proud and convince themselves that they aren't being selfish - they DESERVE IT!

not selfish at all - quite the contrary - considerate and broad thinking. I am relieved to find I am not the only one with these sentiments. I know I am not a cold person - but to people with children - it is hard to convey this opinion without being taken the wrong way. I have limited patience around nieces and nephews and friend's children and sometimes relish the moment I can go home.