I Choose To Leave The Childbearing To Others.

I, seriously,  want to say "God Bless You!" to those women/men (single or married) who want to bear/adopt/raise children.  I include single women who are financially able to bear and raise a child or two.  In response to the EP member who made a nasty comment about couples who are parents for the first time, I want to say, bearing and raising a child are not for cowards(chicken hearted).  This is a serious commitment on both the mom & father.  And for those people who are bearing children but do not have a clue as to raising or disciplining them should be banned/prevented from having them.  There are many parents who (years down the road) regret having children.  This is largely due to their kids hanging out with the wrong crowd.  And there are those adults and grandparents and Godparents who  adopt children who are orphans or were born to drug addicted parents...I want to say sincerely THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!  because many of these children became nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, designers, entertainers, senators, congressmen/women and even a President of the United States.
fonna fonna
46-50, F
Jul 9, 2011