My Mom's Advice

When I was about 10 years old, my mom sat me down and told me "don't ever have kids, they really mess up your life". 

Mom always did have a way with words. 

She continued...."I love you kids, I really do, but I want you to realize how much having kids really changes your life...and if you decide to have kids....make sure you think for a LONG TIME about how your life will change afterward".

I do love kids, I just enjoy being an Aunt rather than a sis & her hubby had 2 (unplanned) kids, which has prompted mom to say that "being a grandmother is MUCH more fun than being a mom".

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2 Responses May 24, 2008

I think things were different when families lived together, so parents had help taking care of the kids, but then along came the marketing slogan "The American Dream" with its push to sell single-family homes, breaking up the family unit as it existed and thus (in my opinion) creating many of the problems we see today.

Wise words. The thing I notice about parents is that their lives become 100% focused on their children and most of the time, the pieces that made up that person before are pushed waaaay to the back in order to make room for the parenting personality. People change dramatically after kids! Their life becomes meaningless without them. Ok maybe I'm going too far.<br />
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But your mother made a good point.