Not For Me !

I grew up in asingle parent home , with 2 other siblings we were always broke never had anyfun and always hated each other because are house was so small !My mom was always stuck at home and she didnt go out because she could never find a babysitter ! I like kids and all but i don't have the patience to be with them all the time i guess you can call me selfish but at least i know that and im not getting pregnant and hating my child .I make sure my sex is safe and i take every prcotion (birthcontrol , condoms ect.) I love to go shopping with my preggo friends and help them pick out stuff for there new baby , but i also love knowing that i can stay all weekend at the beach and not have to worry about my child getting lost or a baby sitter !

I really think its great that people have kids and im glad they have the time to love and care for them but i don't amd i don't see antthing wrong with that !

HappilyTheOtherWoman HappilyTheOtherWoman
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I agree plus there are s many kids in the world without parents i think people should stop having kids and adopt help a child in need !

THANK YOU for making the choice not to have children -- with over 6 BILLION of us clogging up the planet, driving other species to extinction, and trashing our only home, it's the caring thing to do not to add to the problem! I never want to have kids, either. NO WAY!