The Same, Only Different

I see some people have mentioned that they get asked when they will start having children, which is a tactless question to begin with. When you're married to a same-sex partner, you get the question even more, I think. I have no problem telling people that we don't want children. I used to explain why, but then I realized I did this to make the questioners feel more comfortable. Now I just stare at them. I don't care how long the silence lasts. Let them dig themselves out of their own hole. The hardest part is keeping a "poker face" while I maintain eye contact. I really just want to burst out laughing sometimes.

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3 Responses Apr 12, 2009

Dear fivecolouredhair,<br />
<br />
I am sorry that you have been robbed of the choice to have children in the classical way. I hope that you do choose to adopt one day, perhaps even step-children. Anyone who puts forth the energy to truly desire a child should have one; so many have them and do not respect them, treat them with love, and truly cherish them. Good luck to you.

THANK YOU for making this choice. I never, ever want kids, and I've taken steps to ensure it never happens. With over 6 BILLION people choking the planet, it's so irresponsible to add to the problem!

I think it's really a shame that you'd try to prevent yourself from having kids<br />
I would pay a million dollars to be able to even have them<br />
haha, im sixteen fricking years old and i have to go throughout my entire life not even having a choice.<br />
Don't you see how lucky you are?<br />
I'll never be that lucky.