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I've never wanted children, and I really doubt that I ever will. It's a totally irrational choice people make not for themselves, but to fulfill a biological imperative which serves the purpose of the species (which, like all life, is to replicate indefinitely) at the expense of the individual.

Oh, certainly some people get rewards out of it. Again, mostly biological imperative thing. And yeah, I have a twinge of maternal instinct from time to time, but even then it's about what I could create rather than simply bringing a new life into the world for it's own sake. Even if that was a good reason for having a kid (which it's so totally not), and if things actually worked out the way I wanted, it wouldn't be worth the investment of time and money.

And that's what it's really all about to me, time and money. Children ruin your life for 18 years and nine months, and that's assuming everything goes well and they're not still living in your basement when they turn 30. And what do you get out of it? Love and affection? Probably. And maybe someone to pay for your retirement home when you're old, but that's a bad reason as it's much wiser to invest the tens of thousands of dollars a child costs and retire rich. Less risky, too, as children only sometimes turn out successfully. Some aren't inclined to financial success, and others are just lemons--autistic, sick, retarded, or otherwise natural losers.

Add in the fact that I'd be a terrible mother (for any of dozens of reasons, most of which boil down to the fact that I'm selfish and consider my needs to be paramount), and having children just seems like a bad idea. Bad for me, bad for them, bad for the world which doesn't need another dysfunctional person added to it.

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"Add in the fact that I'd be a terrible mother (for any of dozens of reasons, most of which boil down to the fact that I'm selfish and consider my needs to be paramount), and having children just seems like a bad idea. Bad for me, bad for them, bad for the world which doesn't need another dysfunctional person added to it."<br />
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Wow...<br />
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You made the right choice.

The reason you aren't interested in creating offspring is clearly a case of natural selection. Some outside influence made you realize you genes are inferior.<br />
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Thanks in advance for not polluting the gene pool. <br />
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And whats with the pretending to have ASPD here? <br />
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Does it make you feel like a special snowflake to improperly self diagnose yourself with a disorder you likely don't have due to extremely low percentage of chance?<br />
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Entertaining though =D

Your story rang true with me, thanks for sharing!

I'm sorry, you're right. You're much too old to be a nit, I should have said louse.<br />
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And I would like to know how having a duplicate version of myself would count as "A ***** that is dead and alive at the same time", and more to the point, how does making that assertion qualify as being nice to me?

Don't be a "nit" ? I will never try to be nice to you ever again...DD

Don't be a nit. A clone wouldn't be a duplicate of me, she'd be a child who was genetically identical to me.

Then you could be in two places at the same time! WOW! A ***** that is dead and alive at the same time!...DD

I'm just waiting until the technology for cloning humans comes out. It's the only way to guarantee worthy offspring.

No they're not they are just other humans. I 'm glad you've decided not to have kids cos one Phage is enough.

Yeah, real toilet-cloggers.

I totally agree , children are an utter waste of time and money. An aquaintance of mine calls them '***** turds'.

I guess... at least you can have children. I know there are people in the world (like me) who would LOVE to have children, but can't thanks to some genetic B.S or whatever.<br />
What I would give to be a father!<br />
But it's your life, and you live it the way you want too!<br />
Thanks for sharing.

dripping with dark sarcasm splattered from this story & its comments, I logically interject that there is no bitterness involved with my decision to remain childless or childfree as some refer, just happy I had the choice & rather the presence of mind to make & stick to that choice. =>

**** I read your story too late as I already have two sons. But I agree so much with everything you said that I just murdered them in the back garden.

Well, I don't imagine I was cut out of my mother's womb knowing how to manipulate, so yeah, I must have had to learn at some point. Sure, a lot of it was stuff I internalized at a young age and so it's largely an intuitive practice, but other thing's aren't so easy. I can generally read weakness in people quite well, but I have to study people to know when and how to fake certain emotions and social cues. And it took me a long time to realize quite how different I am from most people.

maybe i never looked at it that way because there is nothing better than me. How can you perfect perfection?

nice, i never looked at it that way. Maybe a new project for my son? lol, my wife would never let me. Did you really have to learn to manipulate? For me it was always there, even as a very young child.

Well, if I did have a kid (not a chance, but let's play "what if"), I would want her to turn out like me, only better. A vicious little Phage 2.0 who I could teach how to manipulate men and how to pretend to have friends and all the things I had to learn on my own.

@ deity - what does depression feel like, please use as many descriptive words as you can.

@phage - hello again. I have two children, my daughter, the first was a little accident, my son not so much. I have children and I do see them as a project, to make sure they are nothing like me. Kinda hard to do but my wife is a "real" person and she does a great job. Being you're a woman i doubt you could find a man willing to do that job, so stay childless if you must, it's no loss either way if you get what i'm saying. My daughter scares me a little, she's super smart like me, isolated, but she cares about people and has friends, so I know she didn't inherit my mind. That's is probably the only thing in the world that scares me, her growing to be like me. being a "society correct" socio is way to tiring, but kinda fun. I have never met a woman sociopath, very interesting to see the world from your perspective. My selfishness doesn't allow me to see what kids would be like from your perspective mostly, but I think i understand. My wife and I have an agreement, we divorce, she gets the kids no questions asked, not only would i be free to go back to the "real" me, but my two creations would turn out better.

Good for you.

I actually wanted kids and I found a good persuasive story not to.

Well put!