Misleading Commercials

Many years ago, there was a television commercial for a flu medication with this premise: A married straight couple with an infant. The woman is in bed, sicker than sick with the flu, the man is healthy. The baby becomes his complete responsibility, and he is overwhelmed. He said, "Before we had Rachel, I had never been alone with a child!" I thought, That's American reproduction in a nutshell - people who have never spent a minute with a child producing them by the truckload. They get caught up in the Gerber-sponsored romance of it all, and never bother to ask themselves, Do I want to do fourth-grade math again? Do I want to coach soccer? Do I want to answer the question, "Know what?" 75 times a day? Do I want my life to be centered on all things children? I think more people need to test-drive kids. If they don't want to babysit, they should spend long, long afternoons at the homes of friends with children. If they find it unpleasant, dull, or anything else, they ought to factor that emotion into their decision-making process.
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I agree 100%...don't really see any point in having children. People really need to think deeply before deciding to have kids...just think about alllll the college tutition they are going to have to help pay for!

It means that sometimes life is much funnier than anything a comedy writer could write.

how is it funny you dont make any sense to me

"...its pretty obious if its a man woman and kid i dont think most of us are that dumb..."<br />
<br />
Sometimes, as people say, you just can't write it any funnier.

i also agree with gryfnn

i also agree with gryfnn

great point but why did you have to say they were straight its pretty obious if its a man woman and kid i dont think most of us are that dumb im bi so im kinda straght gay but i dont understand what everyones deal is with saying straight as if it were a bad thing neither gay nor straight is bad

Parenting classes should be mandatory for High School students. Four years of credits required for graduation. These classes should include films of --different kinds of labor and delivery. Trips to hospitals including visits to newborn and preemie sections----pediatric wards, visits to juvenile detention centers, to group homes for unwanted teens, foster homes for abused and abandoned children. Time should be spent with handicapped children, autistic, downs syndrom and others with birth defects. Time also should be spent assisting in day care centers and in classrooms of ages up through middle school. When young people have reached puberty---they should be thoroughly educated about what reproduction is really about.<br />
It might have a profound affect on our culture.

good idea - everything should be thought out & test driven if at all possible. too many unplanned for children with questionable futures.