Childless & Not Happy About

Married 14 yrs, started ttc in our 11th year. Way to late & eggs are not good. Can not handle being around people with babies.
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Same here... Hugs

Hey there. I've been happily married 13 years and we never had children either. I have found it isn't really the babies I don't like being around, but the parents who feel the need to act smug, gloat and expect you to react to their new child the way they want you to ; )<br />
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My husband and I decided a few years back to stop trying so hard to become parents, and to start living again. Now, we live in the present. We like to camp, hike, play online games, and spoil our pets. We sleep in late and read lots of books. I write. He likes MMORPGs. Our niece and nephews think we're pretty cool.<br />
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I see it this way: You can be a valuable person whether or not you ever become a parent! You can still be the best friend, sister, neighbor, or daughter. I'll bet you have talents and are an interesting woman regardless of your parental status.<br />
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Yes, infertility is painful. I so feel for you. I cried and despaired for many years. It's tough to be the odd one out. The questions and comments from others regarding parenthood hurt me to the core of my being. I felt broken for a long time. I get flare-ups of bitterness from time to time still.<br />
I'm only human.<br />
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I got closer to a sense of peace through gradual acceptance, though for each woman it's a different journey. Some foster, adopt, become mentors, seek medical help, etc. Whatever course you take, I hope you find serenity in your life.

Thanks for the great advice. I have to try to think in a different way from now on.

Wow, great post. I especially like the 3rd paragraph. I've always felt that way and kind of don't understand why others seem to miss this point. You sound like a wonderful person!

Very well said...we too undergoing same experience but now started living our own life..

hang in there i conceived at 40. it can happen. but see a dr soon either way.