I'm Stuck.....

All I have in my head are numbers,..Been married to a alovely man for 10 years, I just turned 40, ..3 failed IVFs,
3 naturopaths, thousands of dollars....still 0 children.
To sum in all up, I feel lonely and I feel stuck. All my friends and everybody that I know, have moved forward with
their lives, got married then have children. but not me.
I feel sad and broken. I'm having a hard time seeing my future without children around me.
I just don't know where to go from here... I'm stuck.
my71ra my71ra
36-40, F
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Hello! I really appreciate how you are feeling. To ache for belonging and not finding it is truly an agony. But you don't need to have biological babies to have children! You can look around for someone who has no parent or a dysfunctional relationship with a parent and become a parent figure to him/her!
I have had a bad/non existing relationship with my biological father and have always wanted to experience a healthy father-daughter relationship. If I could have found a father figure at ANY age I would have felt much more bonding to him than I have ever felt to my biological dad! So blood really doesn't matter! You could become someone really important and loved in someone else's life.
In my quest I came across so many people hurting either for never having kids or parents or siblings or friends so I thought of making a facebook page where people looking for family bonds outside their biological families can connect, talk and maybe some will find what they were looking for in one another! Please check it out. It is still brand new. https://www.facebook.com/Universal-Dream-Family-327515930792241/

Childlessness, especially when not by choice, can be a very disheartening stage of life. It can leave us very angry, victimized, incomplete and lonely. Not just that, it can become a deterrent in our performance in other areas of life..
I so know it, as I have gone through the stages myself. But before we decide, everything is over.. Trust me, it is not. I underwent a self discovery process and that day, heaven dawned upon me!
I'm a coach and I have assisted me and many others find their strongest life.. Especially, childless couples by or not by choice but going through overwhelming times.. Feel free to contact me, I'm positive I'll be able to assist you, find your strongest life..

I'm sorry to hear this my71ra. Have a look at Sue Lick's website, it is called "Childless by Marriage". I just recommended it to another poster also.