If you asked any of my friends, I was the last person you'd expected to settle down and get married. That all changed when I met my husband/partner in life. The first 5 years of marriage flew by and the intense urge to share our love and start a family began. December 21st last year we were told our chances of having a family of our our own was highly unlikely. Fertility testing show chances of concieving naturally are arounf 1-2%. My initial reaction was to just move on to the next thing. 6 Months later it hit me. I've spent the last 6 months coming to terms with what it really means to give up on having biological children. I'm not claiming to be cured but it's getting better over time. even if I take 2 steps back in rder to take 3 forward. In October we made our first attempt at having a child that's not biologically both of ours but unfortunately it failed. While it feels like a step backward emotionally, I know I can live through that dissappointment and am ready to start the new years with new possibilities.
gupdike gupdike
Dec 4, 2012