I'm 62 - I now hear how many grandkids? At 23, I was seeing a fertility specialist and was told I can not have children. OK, we'll adopt. No problem. In fact, childlessness with medical condition put us on the top of every adoption list! Hooray! Spending my military husband and my 20's-30's in Germany we were unable to adopt because it was not allowed for Americans to adopt German Children. In our 40's, in NY, we couldn't adopt a mixed race or another color child and if we actually got a child the child would have to be over 10 and on and on. Anyway, adoption didn't happen. So, we never got children. There are so many new things that we didn't have out there in the medical world. But, if it doesn't happen it's okay. It's sad sometimes like right now talking to you. There are some wonderful moments being without children. We love each other. We are parents of 4 lovely birds. One is Lady Bird (she is grey and yellow). We have seen the world. We take long vacations and we rarely talk about the sadness that happened. We see the nice side of being childless as well as the dark side. All is not lost. It really isn't.
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Thank you for giving me hope. I have 2 jack russell terriers that I baby. I want to enjoy the peaceful life I have as a childless person. Why are the kids we imagine we would have had always perfect? They might have broken our hearts, right?

Peaches-There have been months that I don't think about being childless. My husband wanted babies even more than I did and sometimes we talk about it. But, our lives are happy. We are going again on a cruise in 2 weeks. So, love your pawed babies and plan on a good life. Dwelling on something that will never happen makes us all bitter and sad. God Bless you. LB

Thanks lb, I have a low stress life with lots of free time to read & relax. I want to appreciate that and enjoy it. Have fun on your cruise!