So In Love... So Sad Inside.


I really need to tell my story.

I feel like a shaken up can of soda, i just want to explode and let it all out.

I have been married for almost five years, I am 22 years old and my husband and I are the perfect couple!

I met him when I was 13 years old and he was 18. we didnt talk or anything but i knew deep in my heart that he was the one for me.

I fell in love the second I saw him.  After four years of just waiting for the perfect moment, we started dating.

We married when I was 17 and he was 22, after dating for about 3 months. 

Honest to God, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

We now have our own home, we own two cars, we have everything we need and mostly everything we want,

Our house is filled with things.  Our hearts are filled with love. The only thing thats missing is a baby.  we have been trying for about four years.

I guess I kind if knew that I wouldn t be able to concieve that easily because I dont get my period. Unknown reasons. It breaks my heart to know that because of

he wont know what being a biological father is all about.  I know thats something he really wants and i am sad to know that because of me he cant.

You see, I am a diabetic which only makes things more complicated. We have gone to doctors. Not specialists because although we have things and we can

go out and stuff we dont really have that kind of money. Like, we dont have money in the bank or anything, we just have money and use it when we need it.

I feel sad. Because all around me everyones getting pregnant. like i honestly cant help being sad. how can i cope with it?


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Look, you are so young and there are a million things that doctors can do to get you pregnant at your age. Your eggs are nice and healthy, and that's the most important thing. Your hormones and other things may be messed up, but that doesn't affect your healthy young eggs.<br />
<br />
I'm 39 years old and I got pregnant and I know all about what they can do. You have to see a 'reproductive endocrinologist' (otherwise known as a fertility doctor) who will check your hormone levels and do an ultrasound so that they can figure out how to fix you.<br />
<br />
Diabetes and stuff won't hold you back. You just need to be seen by special doctors.<br />
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You have plenty of time at your age. So stop worrying! Wait until you have decent inusrance (if you don't know) and see a repro endo.

I'm so happy for you! I was about to post a comment and then i saw your latest comment:) That is just a blessing, congratulations to you and your husband!

So, this is Karileal!<br />
I have some news!<br />
I hadn't logged in here in a long while but I just wanted to share the greatest news!<br />
I am very much pregnant, expecting a boy and due in just under a month!<br />
It literally happened out of nowhere! <br />
I had been getting sick so I was forced to go to a Dr and when she said I was pregnant, I didn't believe her at all! <br />
After we went to see an obgyn and saw our little tiny one for the first time it was crazy! <br />
I was 7 weeks 6 days! <br />
So now almost 30 weeks later we are all set to have him.<br />
This is something we had been wanting for a long time and he really truly is a miracle baby!<br />
No explanation how he came to be since we hadn't done anything like treatments and stuff but he is growing each and everyday and he's kicking like crazy (especially at night, when I'm about to fall asleep! Lol!) <br />
I still can't believe that soon we will be holding him in our arms...<br />
Hubby and I are sooo excited! <br />
Oh well, I just went on & on... <br />
but this is truly the greatest feeling =)<br />
Thank you for your comments & for reading this!

sweetie your 22 years old!!!! your still VERY young and have you entire life ahead of you. it will happen when it happensi wouldnt worry about it too much since your barely over 20!

I am so sad to hear your story. I have to say that it hits me close to home. My husband and I started dating when we were 16 and have been together now for 11 years. We are best friends and we are so happy together. Except one part.....not being able to have a child. I am 8 weeks post hysterectomy at 27 years old. We got married in 2008 and were expecting to have kids right away. Unfortunately, 9 procedures later, I am completely barren. It is so hard at 27 to move forward from this event in our lives. I know we will adopt, and if we had more money, we would tomorrow, but this emptiness that I have right now is over powering. I currently just go to work and come home..I am numb and dull. I still try to be in a good mood and my husband is a great supporter but I just feel lost. Our home is also filled with wonderful joy and things and we have 2 cars but there is a longing that I have that hurts my heart. <br />
<br />
To make matters worse, my husbands brother and his wife just had a child 1 week ago. I am overjoyed for them and I love children, but it has been such a long 9 months to watch her grow with a baby and then me cry myself to sleep. They will be wonderful parents but it is hard for me not to be jealous and wish it was us.<br />
<br />
You have so much strength to face each day and I am happy to have found your story. I have never been on a blog or anything before but I knew I needed a way to vent my sorrows during this time of barrenness. Thank you for sharing and know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers for you and your husband.

Thank you Rosesandtears17, we have actually looked into it. Only problem is, there is thins one place from where I would love to adopt, they work with you from every angle... the thing is I must be 25 years old... I am 22....I am sure that if i could do it right now i would... in a heart beat!

You have my sympathies, Karilea. I can't relate directly to what you're going through (I'm married; we don't have kids; I have never tried to conceive; I have no idea if I could get pregnant if I actually tried - it's weird; we use birth control all the time and yet who knows, maybe if we decide to have a baby it'll turn out we can't). I do realize how hard it must be for someone who has always longed to be a mother (or father) and not be able to. I'm sure people have advised you to consider adoption. With all the abandoned kids out there who need a loving home, I think going the adoption route is a wonderful, heroic, brave thing to do. You could give some unwanted kids a chance at a good life.

Really is a nice story of how much you love your husband. I am not married and sadly I can not have children either, when I didn't get my period my mother took me to doctors and we found I have no uterus, so I could adopt someday, but can never have one of my own. I am sorry that you can not have children. *hugs*

Hey ya! Can I offer a suggestion? I hope I can.. If I were you, and I WAS in your situation without a period due to medical condition, do your homework and do methodical research of reproductive endocrinologists. I found this wonderful lady who finally diagnosed my condition after spending generous amount of time to listening to our story and reviewing my medical history. She even did an ultrasound afterwards just to confirm her diagnosis! This is your homework now. <br />
<br />
By the way, when you do get to have a baby, whether naturally or adopt, they are demon children either way, so have your sex now before the child climbs into your bed between your lover and you!!!