My Orthodox Path In the Last 18 Years

I was born July 10th 1989 at 9:42 pm i was 10 weeks premature and the doctors didnt think i would make it. the next day i was baptised and Orthodox Christian in the NICU at woman and Childrens Hospital that was my first experience with Orthodoxy. 2 years later i witnessed another miricle although i was to young to remember i was there my father had been in a coma in the ICU for weeks from complications of diberticulitis they told us he was on deaths doorstep we refused to believe that he was only 32 years old with a wife and 2 young children something had to be done that night out of pure coincidence our beloved Priest the V.Rev Fr.George was visiting another person in the hospital when he came across my fathers name he held a prayer vigil in his room with just some people from the hallway one of them being my uncle he said he felt the presence of God in the room andnew my dad would be ok today my father is 50 years old and healthy and i thank God for that everyday. I thank God every day that i have my faith and tust in him if it wasnt for the Orthodox faith and all hthe love involved i wouldnt have made it through this very difficult year my grandmother died september 23rd 2006 after a battle with cancer she was 68 and the just 6 months later her son died of liver failure at the age of 49. I admit my faith had faltered at that time i was angry and confussed but i had my duties as TeenSOYO President and i couldnt let my Teens down even though some days i just wanted to resign and give up its been almost a year since grams been gone and i more at peace with the fact she isnt sick anymore. this year i graduated from highschool that was a struggle but God got me through now im working and very happy and i cant wait for upcoming SOYO elections where i will be after my second term of presidency. in the past 5 days there has been a horrible tradgedy among my family my godmothers cousins 20 year old daughter who i grew up with and veiwed as a friend and member of my family killed her 17 month old son i felt my heart break into a million pieces that day but slowly but surely we will all get through this and hopefully the mother of this sweet child will get the phsyciatric help she so deprately needs thats all i can manage to write for now i hope you all enjoy my story and my experiences as my life goes on i will be sure to write more about my journeys with TeenSOYO, and soon St. John The Devine and other Orthodox Organizations

God Bless You All

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Faith is important for many, but Orthodoxy is also about tradition. You and I were cut from a similar cloth. I too was born early, though I did not struggle to survive as you did. I too am Lebanese (Part) and since you are Orthodox I can only assume you are Antiochian unless you are Armenian. Though faith is important, it fades sometimes. What is more important is that you continue the traditions of our people. There are not that many of us left and we are scattered throughout the world.

Lord have mercy

Thank you for sharing your faith and God's miracles. We're almost at Pascha time!