The People Are Lovely.

I've been to some churches and its cold and they have these crusty old hymn books that seem to be about a hundred years old and an organist who may be more. I know its not fair to dis these churches cause for some, they are right and it doesn't matter how you get close to God, it just matters that you do.

My point is, I think it may put a lot of people off going to church. I took a friend once to our Methodist church and she was amazed that it was so modern, that we had easy to sing to hymns and that the minister was having a joke with us in the service. She thought he had been drinking - I said no, he's always like that.

I really love our church, we have a network of lovely people who truly are great friends.
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4 Responses Nov 25, 2007

The most welcoming churches I've been to have been Methodist, that why I've stayed too.

I always had a fear of religious people growing up in a very conservative old town, until I went to a Methodist Church with my friend, I can help thinking we are some of the most friendly, welcoming faiths, I could never leave

They are there, you just have to keep looking, actually the one I go to now I didn't like at first, I think you have to go a few times just to sort of break the ice before you can decide it it is right for you. keep looking and don't give up. x

I have sortof the same problem, I was in a church that was fun and careing , but I moved to another town, and can not seem to find one thats as nice.