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I was raised in the Church and have a firm personal conviction of the Restoration of the Gospel.  I served a mission and love watching General Coference.  But I feel like I'm an inactive waiting to happen.  For pretty much the last fifteen years I've felt like an outsider and an outcast in the Church.  No matter where I go I just don' fit in, so it's not just one stupid branch - either something is wrong with me or there is something epedemic in the Church.

The Church operates on at least three levels: the doctrine/theology, the ecclesiastical organization, and the social culture it forments.  I have no trouble with the first two, it's the last one that gives me grief.

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I have felt that way before and I am a new member, but I love this church because I know it is the true church. My friend that has grew up in the church has told me this and has helped me. "The church is perfect and not the people." We all know people are not perfect, but we have our own agency to choose the way we want to live.

Liza - you are spot on with your advice

Satan is a smart guy. He knows he isn't going to get Christians to become alcoholics or become prostitutes. But, he does know if he is more subtle he can still lead us away from church and the Lord. Whatever it is in your character that makes you feel this way is what Satan is feeding on. He is clever and crafty. <br />
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Go back to your roots. You have served a mission. What if one of your investigators didn't want to go/join the church because he didn't "fit in"? At the time, you would have been horrified. Give yourself the same advice you would have given him. <br />
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Love, Liza :0)

I have felt what you are feeling different times in my Christian walk. <br />
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What I have done is to stop looking to the church, religion, or religious denomination for answers.<br />
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I picked up my Bible and looked to God for the answer. For me the answer was that I had "outgrown" the church I was attending. I needed to be in a church that would allow for further spiritual growth. Then when it happened again I needed to be in a more spirit filled church.<br />
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God will lead you. Just ask and follow.

well said!

There is a saying.......The Church is a hospital for sinners NOT a social club for Saints.<br />
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I'm not keen on the social side .....breeding ground for gossipers......<br />
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Stick to the gospel, hold fast to your testamony, and know YOU are the only one who can do that for yourself...I dont recall in the scriptures where you need to be in a certain social circle to enter the Celestial Kingdom.<br />
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Hold tight to the stuff that will help you achieve THE GOAL