Tough Economy

I have been going through a tough year financially.  My husband is in the trucking industry and business has been bad.  I have faith in the Lord that everything will be ok.  But, I have had some moments that I just can't take it anymore and breakdown crying out to the Lord asking him how much more.  I feel at times like just giving up everything and digging a hole in the ground and not coming out of it.  My husband is only 36 yrs old and has been diagnosed with a heart condition.  It just seems to never end for us.  I need the Lord in my life more than ever now.  My mouth says I have faith in him but my brain and heart are so afraid.  Any advise out there.

Jeanette101 Jeanette101
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

We are too. I was laid off this year and my husband's work has been extremely slow. It has been tough, but we do know that no matter what, God is our provider. Right now, we are both fasting and praying. We want to be in God's Will, that is for sure. No matter what work we do find, we need to be where God wants us and in His provision. We are seeking the Lord on all of this. It is difficult sometimes to endure all of this emotionally, but that is when I get into my prayer room, or listen to my Christian music. I have also concentrated on counting blessings. That helps me with my attitude plus the fact that we are to be thankful in all situations. When we praise the Lord in all of these circumstances, He gets the praise and recognition. That is worth the effort for sure.