Change In My Life

I don't look like what I have been through but, I have been through many tests in trials in my young life; the majority of you wouldnt even believe, but I am glad to say that I dont look like what I've been through. When you have a serious calling on your life and you know that God has hand picked you to do His work, it becomes scary. But I thank God that he has given me another chance to do His will and not my own. I have accepted this journey with the Lord. I have waisted too much time already;theres no more time for detours or stumbling blocks in my life. I just want to encourage other out there that feel the same way that I did...the ones that grew up in the church and now want to do there own thing...let me be the first to tell you "ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!! NO COMPROMISING ANY MORE!!!" Bless ya!!
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My mother called me on sunday, i dont know why but she was asking me whether i as giving up on God and my answer was yes. Times have been too hard for me, i have lived with people who do not know and they thouht i was stupid to have all those principles and faith in God. However now all am looking for is that when they remember what i stood for they would know it was worth the sacrifice otherwise i was looking fo shortcuts. If God does no come through what does one tell them?

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You're right, there is no more time. We are winding things up here. These are the end times and now is the time to keep our sin list low and caught up every day and stay holy in our thoughts and attitudes by renewing our minds. You are on the right track to make this decision at this time in your life.<br />
God is shaking the church and His people and the only thing left standing will be his kingdom and His people.

I applaud you...because I too have experience trying to do things on my own power. I'm just glad now that I found my own faith...not based on my parents or the church...I found God for me, for myself. Theres no better feeling than to know that God loves me, and I love Him too. I want to encourage anybody that has backslided with their walk that The time for change, the time for committment is NOW...our God is a forgiving, loving, patient God.