Reformed Theology

Years ago my friend and I are very interested in reformed teaching and how it is different from some teachings presently.We were poor and thought of attendind a presbyterian church then.So we rode on a bicycle and as we were entering the church we were barred as we did not wear coats...only English or gentlemen can enter,not asians with loose clothing!Since we were young we didn't take offence and have to bear enduring the service in the hot sun!One day my friend lee was telling an enquirer about Jesus and the minister came and admolish us...If GOD wants to make a convert, even the stones will listen...He don't need your help!HE will have mercy on whom he will and have compassion on whom he will... he said.Then he handed us Charles Spurgeon,s books.
One day our neighbour fell sick.Since we are poor ,our neighbour are very colorful...drug addicts, prostitutes,thievesl,and honest labourers.We brought her to the church and was promptly thrown out.The elder said : go to your asian church , which is quite far away.This Indian lady(I'm Chinese} just laugh at me and said, when you need help go to the poor...My friend Lee told his parents and we managed to send her to the hospital on bicycle and settled the bills with loose coins collected from the poor neighbourhood.
The Indian neighbor was just widowed, has 2 children and no souce of income.Her late husband was a Gurkha soldier in the British battalion fighting the communist.In such a state we appeal to the presby elder since many British soldiers went to the church.The Scottish elder and British deacon turned red in face ...Help never came....Everyday I hear her children crying...after a week she put on high heels, lipsticks and walk the streets...We never say a word... and just help the children in their studies. God have mercy on whom he will
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Jan 21, 2013