Friends With The World...sinners And Glutton

Naturally I have friends with the down and out where 2 dollars is valuable...The lady I mentioned has to work hard 6-8 men per night is common.Her health failed..she contracted aids and slowly waste away.......while a huge christmas celebration with singing and dancing nd partying with expensive wine is being held at the colonial presbyterian reformed church.One day the maker called her home and she wishpers..have mercy on me..Jesus! I am a sinner! I am barred from worshipping you cos I am unworthy.! We took plywood make a simple coffin and buried her in a Hindu cemetery far away as no place is allocated for non-members in the colonial elegant church.
With no body willing to take resposibilities for the 2 children in their early teens,the daughter followed the way of her mother and the son became a thief and drug addict The daughter has repeated pregnancy and abortion while the son was caught and end up in prison..I was away then in college at that time.
The full time minister is very particular that we understand depravity.....justification by faith,baptism and repentance,while my father lie sick and dying of T.B.He came during Easter give a small token and said God bless you! and quickly disappeared. He will call us out of darkness into light, he will have compassion on whom he will.My fahter died,...we send him noisily back to the maker the taoist way....yin and yang.
At the same time the presby reformed church is disputing my friend's baptism by it valid?The discussion went on and on and the synod said baptism must be by sprinkling...And my father died an unbeliever un noticed ...un heard, un known
My friend went to England, got a degree ..and later became a reformed baptist pastor and I still mixed with my neighbours the sinners , married happily to a wonderful girl who also live among labourers and drug addicts in a presby church and is still ostracized by some christians....while my friend is looked up to.
Now we are considering a case of church discipline action...a girl went against the church advice and has a non- christian boy friend...Should we allow her to take holy communion? For me what is the issue..????????What have you got to say?
faithfullover faithfullover
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013