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Hi all,

It's tough to be a Christian. It's tough to even know how to be one as I have depression. God encourages us to be the light and salt of the earth. I wish I knew what I am supposed to do with my life as in terms of career in order to be happy. Everything I've tried just stresses me out and I haven't worked in 6 months because I know I have anxiety/panic disorder. I just feel hopeless sometimes.

As a Christian I am expected to not be so there's even more pressure at home and with friends and church to be content in any and every situation. How can I be content being in this state of hopelessness?

I'm looking forward to hearing your responses as this is the first story from this experience group. God bless, rosesencha

rosesencha rosesencha
3 Responses Jul 19, 2007

The idea that just because you're a Christian that you always have to be happy and content is a lie. It's just another way that people use religion to oppress people and make them feel like they are doing something wrong. I've battled depression and dark feelings all my life. I used to feel guilty about it like there was something wrong with me. Now I've come to accept that this is the way God made me and God doesn't make mistakes. I think by giving me these feelings I'm able to understand others with these same feelings. We all have emotions both dark and light. Anyone that tells you that they are happy all the time is lying. The important thing to remember is to try to be kind to others, tolerate differences, don't judge harshly, and try to understand others with compassion. I always find that pouring my heart out to God and telling him what I'm feeling helps me. It may not take the bad feelings away, but it helps to get it out and God always listens and doesn't judge you. You don't always have to be happy to show the love of God.

i have my beliefs, i talk to my grandma's picture, however if we have disorders such as panic (as i too have..) i don't understand how a church or anyone can not understand the difficulty that the simple and ordinary things in life can be. it is a medical disease and beliefs and faith i believe can help one feel better at times, there are going to be days when you just don't feel up to the task.

i lost faith in God because of an incident in my life. one day, found him again, in my own personal way. it is hard to be depressed and try to follow the way of God. seriously, i'm catholic, but the part that i consider to be odd is the fact that i still feel as though religion is up to your own interpretation. and it's been working out.<br />
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i still do the whole church thing and say my prays, but really. it helps. i'm glad i've been able to find a good balance in my life. <br />
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i hope the same will happen for you!!!! good luck!