Our Lady Of Fatima

I was born into the Cathoic  religion.  Many times growing up I was angry with God but never left the church.  I read about many different religions that were more receptive to my world beliefs.  There are many church policies that I object to strongly.  They are man made rules. I think it is outrageous that  a   woman is not allowed to become a priest and that a priest isn't permitted to marry.

The reason I am still a Catholic is that I think the foundation is solid.  Jesus left men in charge of his church and they have rocked the foundation but the church will stand even if  it is on its last legs.  This is what I think is happening now.  The ********  disease has spread across the church and destroying it.  These creeps shoud be locked up.  The harm they did to the innocent children is immeasurable.  They are responsible for the demise of the church.  Each Sunday  when I attend mass the attendence is less.  It is very sad but to be expected.  You must have strong faith in its foundation to continue and I do.

I  especially believe in Our Lady of Fatima.  There is historical documentation in the Portugal newspapers of the event which was predicted by the young children prior to the miracle of the sun.   I think what is happening in the church today is what the Fatima message is all about.
Does anybody have any  thoughts about Fatima and also Father Malachii Martin who spoke about this subject?
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I love Fatima too; I especially have a devotion to Bl. Francisco; the Rosary is one of my favorite prayers precisely because of Fatima.<br />
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I do not agree with your outrage against priestly celebacy and women's ordination, though. Specifically dealing with celebacy, ma'am, the priest who takes care of me has said many times that celebacy is a calling and a gift just as married life is a calling and a gift. There is deep theology behind it as well. As to the foundation of the Church, I agree with you, it is solid because of Jesus' promise to her that the gates of hell will not prevail against it... even now.