A Priest Who Saw Heaven, Hell And Purgatory

Fr Jose Maniyangat is currently the pastor of St. Mary's Mother of Mercy Catholic Church in Maclenny, Florida.  Here is his personal testimony:

I was born on July 16, 1949 in Kerala, India to my parents, Jospeh and Theresa Maniyagat.  I am the eldest of seven children:  Jose, Mary, Theresa, Lissama, Zachariah, Valsa and Tom.

At the age of fourteen, I entered St Mary's Minor Seminary in Thiruvalla to begin my studies for the priesthood.  Four years later, I went to St Jospeh's Pontifical Major Seminary in Alwaye, Kerala to continue my priestly formation.  After completing the seven years of philosophy and theology, I was ordained a priest on January 1, 1975 to serve as a missionary in the Diocese of Thiruvalla.

On Sunday April 14, 1985, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, I was going to celebrate Mass at a mission church in the north part of Kerala, and I had a fatal accident.  I was riding a motorcycle when I was hit head-on by a jeep driven by a man who was intoxicated after a Hindu festival.  I was rushed to a hospital about 35 miles away.  On the way, my soul came out from my body and I experienced death.  Immediately, I met my Guardian Angel.  I saw my body and the people who were carrying me to the hospital.  I heard them crying and praying for me.  at this time my angel told me:  "I am going to take you to Heaven, the Lord wants to meet you and talk with you."  He also said that, on the way, he wanted to show me hell and purgatory.


First, the angel escorted me to hell.  It was an awful sight!  I saw Satan and the devils, an unquenchable fire of about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, worms crawling over people screaming and fighting, others being tortured by demons.  The angel told me that all these sufferings were due to unrepented mortal sins.  Then, I understood that there are seven degrees of suffering or levels according to the number and kinds of mortal sins committed in their earthly lives.  The souls looked very ugly, cruel and horrific.  It was a fearful experience.  I saw people whom I knew, but I am not allowed to reveal their identities.  The sins that convicted them were mainly abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, hatefulness, unforgiveness and sacrilege.  The angel told me that if they had repented, they would have avoided hell and gone instead to purgatory.  I also understood that some people who repent from these sins might be purified on earth through their sufferings.  This way they can avoid purgatory and go straight to heaven.

I was surprised when I saw in hell even priests and bishops, some of whom I never expected to see.  Many of them were there because they had misled the people with false teaching and bad example.


After the visit to hell, my Guardian Angel escorted me to purgatory.  Here too, there are seven degrees of suffering and unquenchable fire.  But it is far less intense than hell and there was neither quarrelling nor fighting.  The main suffering of these souls is their separation from God.  Some of those who are in purgatory committed numerous mortal sins, but they were reconciled with God before their death.  Even though these souls are suffering, they enjoy peace and the knowledge that one day they will see God face to face. 

I had a chance to communicate with the souls in purgatory.  They asked me to pray for them and to tell the people to pray for them as well, so they can go to heaven quickly.  When we pray for these souls, we will receive their gratitude through their prayers, and once they enter heaven, their prayers become even more meritorious.

It is difficult for me to describe how beautiful my Guardian Angel is.  He is radiant and bright.  He is my constant companion and helps me in all my ministries, especially my healing ministry.  I experience his presence everywhere I go and I am grateful for his protection in my daily life.


Next, my angel escorted me to heaven passing through a big dazzling white tunnel.  I never experienced this much peace and joy in my life.  Then immediately heaven opened up and I heard the most delightful music, which I never heard before.  The angels were singing and praising God.  I saw all the saints, especially the Blessed Mother and St Joseph, and many dedicated holy Bishops and priests who were shining like stars.  And when I appeared before the Lord, Jesus told me:

"I want you to go back to the world.  In your second life, you will be an instrument of peace and healing to My people.  You will walk in a foreign land and you will speak in a foreign tongue.  Everything is possible for you with My grace."  After these words, the Blessed Mother told me:  "Do whatever He tells you.  I will help you in your ministries."

Words cannot express the beauty of heaven.  There we find so much peace and happiness, which exceed a million times our imagination.  Our Lord is far more beautiful than any image can convey.  His face is radiant and luminous and more beautiful than a thousand rising suns.  The pictures we see in the world are only a shadow of His magnificence.  The Blessed Mother was next to Jesus; She was so beautiful and radiant.  None of the images we see in this world can compare with her real beauty.  Heaven is our real home; we are created to reach heaven and enjoy God forever.  Then, I came back to the world with my angel.

While my body was at the hospital, the doctor completed all examinations and I was pronounced dead.  The cause of death was bleeding.  My family was notified, and since they were far away, the hospital staff decided to move my dead body to the morgue.  Because the hospital did not have air conditioners, they were concerned that the body would decompose quickly.  As they were moving my dead body to the morgue, my soul came back to the body.  I felt an excruciating pain because of so many wounds and broken bones.  I began to scream, and then the people became frightened and ran away screaming.  One of them approached the doctor and said: "The dead body is screaming."  The doctor came to examine the body and found that I was alive.  So he said:  "Father is alive, it is a miracle! Take him back to the hospital."

Now, back at the hospital, they gave me blood transfusions and I was taken to surgery to repair the broken bones.  They worked on my lower jaw, ribs, pelvic bone, wrists, and right leg.  After two months, I was released from the hospital, but my orthopaedic doctor said that I would never walk again.  I then said to him:  "The Lord who gave me my life back and sent me back to the world will heal me." Once at home, we were all praying for a miracle.  Still after a month, and with the casts removed, I was not able to move.  But one day while I was praying I felt an extraordinary pain in my pelvic area.  After a short while the pain disappeared completely and I heard a voice saying:  "You are healed.  Get up and walk."  I felt the peace and healing power on my body.  I immediately got up and walked.  I praised and thanked God for the miracle.

I reached my doctor with the news of my healing, and he was amazed.   He said:  "Your God is the true God.  I must follow your God."  The doctor was Hindu, and he asked me to teach him about our Church.  After studying the Faith, I baptized  him and he became Catholic.

Following the message from my Guardian Angel, I came to the United States on November 10, 1986 as a missionary priest...Since June 1999, I have been pastor of St Mary's Mother of Mercy Catholic Church in Maclenny, Florida.
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there is a story of one Stanley, a Phillipino,who had a similar encounter about a decade ago. He now preaches the Divine Mercy as revealed to St. Faustina. Its equally moving. I'm sure you can find the story if you google for it.

Thank you for mentioning it. I will look it up.

how do see the devil

If you knew what has been done to me and my people "in the name of god" it would make you hate the church.

Its really wonderful and I believe it


Thx so much for sharing your story! I wish u well, and will pray for u!
God bless!

"Our Lady showed me an abyss filled with fire to explain that this is the eternal fire," said the seer. "But she told me that hell is not fire. It is the eternal suffering of not seeing God, of being deprived of God."


Vestine also saw a group of people who were singing yet they were also suffering from a temporary separation between themselves and God. Last of all Vestine was shown a place of radiant light and beauty, where people were in perfect happiness.

- See more at:

big difference between an approve apparition at Kibeho and an unapproved

You guys worship the bible? I like fiction books too

We worship God. We are guided by the Bible as the revealed Word of God, as well as by Tradition and the Church.

oh!d first tym i wil hear about purgatory in revelation.Fr.i appreciate ur writeup bt i stil mantain dt Jesus i mean d crucified Jesus backs every revelation wit HIS WORDS which is d urs is devoid of it.pray ernestly let d Crucified JesuS Christ encounter u.

The Bible does teach purgatory, implicitly. It teaches that nothing defiled can enter heaven and that we must undergo a process of purification. It teaches us to pray for the dead. (Numbers 31:23; 2 Maccabees 12:39-45; Matthew 5:25-26; 1 Corinthians 3:11-15; Revelation 21:27)

I am a Catholic. once in my life,my destiny took me to a very dangerous place,that many people around the world are being victims,I would say its an awful place to be and of course I am aware that I am in a great pain and danger. My friends were pronounced dead in their country and loses hope..yet,I didn't gave up, I just pray and pray in that place everyday,my faith in God moved mountain in times I am in trouble.Now I am blessed I already got home and those people who helped me are are those who are the most baddest guys they know in that place..I can really think they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit to help me and not hurt me. To God be the Glory...God saves us indifficult times,and especially our souls to be in heaven.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story of confidence in God. May He be praised for His kindness that works everything to our good.

My life is full of miracles from very early in life to this very day. I thank God for the grace of faith and that I am a catholic and have not been deceived by other Christian denominations.

Thank you for reading this and sharing your testimony, Robert.

Again you write in a most influential manner. As you know I have a personal struggle with the old testament. I have however been blessed by two separate miracles in my life. Both these miracles came from praying to St. Jude. So no matter what anyone says, I continue with my faith weak as it is.

Thank you for commenting. Faith, however weak, is a gift, a great gift. Our Lord knows not to quench the smouldering flame nor crush the bruised reed. But rather how, when we say,\"Lord, I have belief - help Thou my unbelief\" to gently lead us. :)

May I invite you to the Catholic Answers forum? It's a great forum for any questions that you may have about the Church, especially things in regards to some of the difficult things that are said in the Old Testament. If interested, the forums can be found on:
God bless!

Where in the bible does it talk about purgatory? In just asking questions I don't understand. Not trying to be rude or anything like that. Also, the bible says not to have any other gods before Him, idols, yet Catholics pray to Mary and have shrines for her and stuff. Where does it say that this is okay? I mean, I just dont want anyone to be led by manmade doctrine. Im a non denominational born again Christian, and im not knocking Catholics at all, but you are my brothers and sisters in Christ, im saying all this out of love. Im not knocking any Christian denomination. But shouldn't mass or church be about the Son of God, worship Him God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost? With worship and adoration to Jesus, our deliverer, our savior our King, Master Teacher Shepard. We are the bride of Christ

You say you are not knocking Catholics. It doesn\'t sound like that to me, and I will tell you why. You have not so much as bothered to find out what Catholics really believe before asking questions. This you could have done easily by googling. It is a simple courtesy, you know? I reply to a lot of non Catholic positions and I make sure I research every one of them before hand. What\'s more, I make sure I research them from people of their own religion.

Where in the Bible does it talk about purgatory? The Bible clearly teaches that perfect holiness requires purification, both in this life and in the next.
There are many references in the Bible, the most significant being 1 Corinthians 3:13-15:

Each man\'s work will become manifest; for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each has done. If the work which any man has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. If any man\'s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.

Thus there will be some sort of judgment and suffering, even for the saved and the elect, for whom Christ died, in order that they may be made fit for heaven. As Revelation 21:27 says, nothing defiled may enter heaven.

The Bible also shows how we should pray for the dead. See 2 Maccabees 12:39-45 and 2 Timothy 1:16-18. Since the damned in hell and the blessed in heaven cannot benefit from our prayers, there must be a third state of those who have died in God\'s grace, but with the stain of sin on their souls, who require further purification before entering heaven.

It is a massive insult to Catholics to accuse them of worshipping idols just because they have statues and pictures in their churches. Do you worship your family members because you have photos of them on your walls? Which Church do you think declared the Bible as divinely revealed truth in the first place?

Veneration of the saints is not worship, which belongs to God alone. It is simply an expression of honour, both for the saint and for God, who made the saint holy. This has a solid biblical basis. We are commanded to honour teachers in the Church (1 Timothy 5:17), those in government (Romans 13:7) and even fellow believers in Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-26). In fact, such a spirit of honouring those who deserve it is supposed to be characteristic of a Christian. (Romans 12:10, 1 Peter 2:17) The Bible devotes an entire chapter to the heroes of the Faith, whom we are to emulate (Hebrews 11).

The dictionary definition of a graven image is \"an idol made of wood or stone.\" It is idolatry forbidden by Exodus 20:4; the worshipping of an idol as it it were a god. As the end of the verse says, \"You shall not bow down to them or serve them.\"

Worshipping mere blocks of stone or wood is idolatry, but this is fundamentally different from using a statue as a visual aid to worship the one true God. Even in the Old Testament, the Jews made images of cherubim to decorate the ark of the covenant; they had the bronze serpent in the wilderness, and various images to decorate the Temple.

Now let me ask you something. Where in the Bible does it say that everything has to be found in the Bible?

I am very happy for you that you have turned to Christ and are beginning to study the Bible. Are you baptised yet?

The Mass is the reenactment of the Last Supper. It comes from the Latin \"missa\" which means \"sent\". It is what Jesus Christ commanded His apostles to do in memory of Him. The apostles celebrated Mass from the earliest days after Jesus ascended into heaven. You can google pictures of St Peter\'s church in Antioch and see the stone altar there upon which he said Mass. You can google St Clement\'s church in Rome and see pictures on the wall of the apostles vested for Mass.

That\'s alot of great information. Im hesitant to google things because I get alot of information, some pro whatever and then anti whatever. So thank you for taking the time to respond. Gave me alot to think on and really humbled me. Lol. I def believe God wants me to read and study the bible more. But you have given me a great place to start. And yes I was baptized in the Atlantic ocean , totally cool :). About 3 yrs ago.
I go to bible study , she has holy water and st Theresa oil as well as some frankincense that she got blessed. Its serious business. Its amazing when she puts the oil on me and I get prayed over. Amazing.

in addition, please refer also to John 21:25 ...Now there are many other things that Jesus did. If they were all written down one by one, I suppose that the whole world could not hold the books that would be written. thank you and peace be with us all.

Ok, you have asked two points and I shall address them independently.

We ask others to pray for us. When a person dies, their body dies, but their soul is eternal. Thus the soul is judge by God.
God is not the God of the dead but the Living. Very important part.

There is only one MEDIATOR and that MEDIATOR is Jesus Christ. You MUST know what the word in Aramaic and Biblical Hebrew means. Mediator in those languages is SIYACH. This is Pronounced See Akh. It means to SPEAK FOR A PERSON.

That is what a Mediator does, is to SPEAK for us, and Jesus does SPEAK for us, so HE is the SIYACH for us.

Now remember you and I have asked people to pray for us. And remember the people in Heaven CAN pray for us because they are LIVING (Souls) They are our INTERCESSORS,

INTERSESSION (ors) in Aramaic and Biblical Hebrew the word is PAGAN. This is pronounced Paw Gah. It's ONLY meaning is TO PRAY or to ASK FOR US,

An Intercessor Prays or asks the MEDIATOR SIYACH to SPEAK FOR US.

Once you understand the true meaning of the words Scripture falls into place.

Now Purgatory.

We shall take the word WATER
English WATER
Latin aqua
Spanish Aqua
Chinese Shoewey
Japanese Mizu
German Wasser
Burmese Yea

what do these languages all have in Common, they each have a different word for water, but what they are describing is the VERY SAME THING.

So much with Scriptures

There were four major languages which followed each other
Aramaic (Biblical Hebrew),


Aramaic/Biblical Hebrew Gahanna
Greek Tartaroo
Latin Inferno
English Hell

You have four languages with different words which mean the very very same thing.

Purgatory we must do the very same thing By NAME Purgatory is mentioned 63 times in the Holy Scriptures.

Aramaic/Biblical Hebrew Sheol

Scripture has already been quoted so I shall not go into that part again. We do not worship Mary but Honor her, as due to her under the inspiration of the Holy Sprite when

Did not finish my scribblings


Aramaic/Biblical Hebrew Sheol
Greek Hades
Latin Purgatorium
English Purgatory

So Purgatory IS found in the Holy Scriptures, but you must know the languages first to understand them

your Brother in Christ

Snake USMC

You can find a lot of these questions answered on or on their forums.
God bless!

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there is nothing like purgatory- only heaven and hell

In your opinion. Thank you for reading.

What an Amazing Testimony Thank You So Much !

Thank you for reading this story and sharing your positive experience about it.

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung Cancer spread to her brain and had 7 tumors in her brain. The doctors said no cure for her and gave her less than 4 months to live.

Our family was devastated. There was nothing anyone could do. Money, status or our social connection couldn't buy us anything.Nothing of this world or from this world could save her.

We prayed to our Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ. and all saints especially , St Jude and St Anthony and our beloved Mother.

In his mercy Jesus heard and answered our prayers and our mother was cured. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Hallelujah

"For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your word O Lord that heals all people." Wisdom of Solomon chapter 16 verse 12.

Praise God! What a stunning recovery! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

This is a beautiful story.

Thank you for reading it and leaving a positive message.

My discernment on how souls go to Hell or Purgatory or Heaven

In September, of 1995, my wife, my daughter and I went to a Marian conference in Chicago. While we there listening to the speakers, a thought came to my mind about how souls go to hell. Now no one was talking about this subject, for some reason I just started thinking about it. Before I go on, I must tell you that I have read several messages that state that God does not send souls to hell, that the soul sends itself to hell, and I had wondered how this could happen.
Well as I said, I was thinking about this, and it is like this, darkness is sin and light is God. Now if a person lives in a room or cave of compete darkness and has been there for along time, when that person comes into the light, he or she can not stand the light so the person goes back in to the dark room. This is like a soul that has lived in sin, when the soul dies, it can not stand to look at God, Who is pure Light, so the soul drives itself into hell.
Now the next day I was praying before Jesus in the blessed sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, when I began to think of this again and it was like this, a soul who lives in sin lives in darkness, but if the soul, while still living would let some light in, then when the soul died it would be like a person, who was in a dark room but let some light in. So then when the person went into the Light, he or she would be able to squint their eyes and look at the light and eventually be able to open their eyes all the way. This would be a soul that, when it died was not pure enough to go to heaven, so it went to purgatory.
All souls are different some have to squint harder then others and some can adjust faster to the light and some live always in the light, their eyes are wide open, these go straight to heaven.

Now on this same subject I would like to quote from the book “The Victorious Queen of The World”, a spiritual diary of a mystic, Sr. Natalia of Hungary, page 45:

“Once I cried on Jesus shoulder: “Why did you create hell?” To answer me, Jesus brought me to the judgment of a very sinful soul, whose sins He forgave. Satan was outraged!
“You are not just! This soul was mine all his life!” He shouted to Jesus: “This one committed so many sins, while I committed only one, and You still created hell for me.”
Jesus then with unbound love told Satan: “Lucifer! Did you ever ask Me for forgiveness?” Then Lucifer, seemingly beside himself, shouted: “That never! That I will never do!”
Then Jesus turned to me, “You see, if he could ask Me for forgiveness only once, hell would cease to exist.”

In November 1995 I bought a book “The Sorrow, The Sacrifice, and The Triumph” by Thomas W. Petrisko, which had just come out in November 1995. This book is about Christina Gallagher, The Apparitions, Visions, and Prophecies.

Now I do not promote or judge Christina Gallagher or any other visionary. I do read several books that I get at Marian conferences and some are on visionaries. I try to do as St. Paul says: Hold on to the good and let go of the bad and obey what the Church teaches.

Now I would like to quote, what happens at death starting on page 117, “ When release from the body each soul is destined for immortal life, and its future in eternity is determined by its state when death takes place and the soul is released from the body.

When the body dies and the soul is released, it suddenly finds itself in the full light of awareness, able to see itself as it stands in the sight of God. It then realizes the darkness to which the body’s actions condemned it. The sensitivity of the soul to the enormity of the Light of God is like the naked eye before the brilliance of a thousand suns, and the soul in darkness quivers in pain. It plunges itself into the sea of Hell to avoid the pain of the enormity of the Light.”

“The soul destined for Purgatory seeks shade at the level in Purgatory appropriate to its own imperfection. It will automatically plunge itself into which it failed to atone sufficiently; it will gladly go to whatever level of Purgatory is necessary, and it will be eternally grateful to God, in the knowledge that it will one day gain His Presence in Heaven.
2/17/05 Also from The Diary Of St. Faustina, I quote, “After these words, I received a deeper understanding of divine mercy. Only that soul who wants [to be damned] will be damned, for God condemns no one.(1452)
To St. Faustina: “My daughter, know without a doubt, and once and for all, that only mortal sin drives Me out of a soul, and nothing else.” (1181) AND “My daughter, know that you give Me greater glory by a single act of obedience than by long prayers and mortifications.” (894)

Also from The Diary Of St. Faustina, I quote, “At the end of the road there was a magnificent garden filled with all sorts of happiness, and all these souls entered there. At the very first instant they forgot all their sufferings.” (153)
Here is something else I would like to share with you.
This is why Jesus asks us to live in constant penance for our sins! We should meditate on how much He suffered for our sins, in order that we might reach salvation. We should ask His forgiveness often and love Him for His unfathomable love!

Go in peace and the Love of God
And pray for me
Charles Fears

Thank you for sharing your well supported insights, Charles. I can see that like Our Lord, you hunger and thirst for souls to understand the dignity for which they were created, to share God's everlasting happiness in heaven. The analogy of light and darkness is very helpful, except that it does not convey the pain of separation from God. It does help someone to make sense of the fact that it is we ourselves who condemn ourselves to Hell, not God.

We are so blessed to have our adorable Saviour! Such hope, such mercy and love is ours if we only ask!

I pray for many Easter blessings for you and every soul that aspires to know and love God, as well as every soul that is trapped in darkness and hungers for the light.

Deo Gratias.

It is very much like A Christmas Carol? Not in line with offical church visionaries at all. I question the source as well. If such messages are to be shared the messanger is private modest reserved and not openly sharing who their siblings are?
This is most likely a case of a florida clergyman trying his hand at fiction not delivering a great message of faith.

No-one is obliged to accept the testimony of someone's private revelation. However, the content of Fr Maniyangat's extraordinary experience support rather than contradict Catholic teaching about heaven, hell and purgatory. Experiences of the realms beyond earth are not unprecedented, either. St Theresa of Avila, for example, visited hell.

Fr Maniyangat's testimony is a simple and faithful recount of his experience. He does not strike me as being someone seeking attention any more than he conveys the slightest degree of religious egotism. In many ways he is like Gloria Ortiz Polo who had a near death experience after having been struck by lightning.

Lady Gypsy I assure you this priest is telling the truth. It is no fiction. I have known him since 1994. You should show respect when you respond. God chose Fr. Jose for this mission. He is a selfless and faithful servant of God.

Fr. Jose Maniyangat is a devout and humble priest who has a healing ministry given by God and thousands of people have been healed physically, emotionally and spiritually through his prayers. Many people who could never conceive... bear children. Many people brought back to the faith and converted to Jesus Christ. Jesus heals many many people of physical illnesses and many are terminal through his prayers. Fr. Jose is now associate pastor at St Catherine\'s in Orange Park, FL ( Jacksonville) and the Healing Masses are on the first Saturday of the month. The next one is October 5th, 2013. As Mother Teresa used to say, \"Come and see!\"

UFLady, I SHOULD? Really? Because you have what right to speak down to me???
What you say you know is your business and simply not my concern. Did GOD tell you this? If your faith is so important that you talk down to other people it may not be a healthy faith at all.
Its totally possible that a prescription for Luvox could end what this guy is seeing and hearing!

Wow I believe it...and abortion. Yes, it is horrible. I believe the calling on my life is to help change the people's hearts on the issues of abortion

Dear Father:
I loved what you have written about your experiences. It has touched my heart greatly. I believe In Jesus so very much, and the holy family, everything that our Catholic faith teaches us.
I love to read about what heaven is and everything spiritual I can find. God Bless You Father and I know that the Lord is leading you, and you are helping others to find Christ. Respectfully, Julie

Following the death of his brother (some 6 months), my father told me that he had seen him and spoken to him as if he had been there in front of him; it was not a dream that he described, although it had happened whilst he was sleeping...he said it was as if he were awake for about ten minutes whilst his brother `visited` him, and told him he was fine and that so were other members of the family who had passed away. I remember him telling me this about 20 years before his own death.

About four months after my fathers death I experienced a similarly powerful and happy `reunion` with my father; again it was not dream like, it was `real time`; he was happy and joked with me, asking me to give him a hand up out of the airmchair he was sitting in. He was as light as a feather and we both laughed about it. He left soon after, and when I awoke the following morning, I experienced such joy, it was unbelieveable.

I can`t explain it, but I believe my father did visit me.

What an interesting and comforting experience! My mother experienced something similar to this after my older brother died. He appeared to her as a young child of about 8 years and said that he was just there to tell her that he is ok. God is very wise and very kind.

I can understand you not liking what you read here, but it most definitely is not nonsense.


Thank you for this story. You never fail to amaze me. Just when I think I know all the answers, you come up with something like this. You are a blessing to all the world.

2000 degree fahrenheit liar it seems you were dead and took with you a thermometer

This is not even my story. I have simply posted the story written by the priest himself. It is not unprecedented, to see what lies beyond the grave. There is also no obligation for you or anyone to believe the truth of this story.

Thank you - I enjoyed reading this

God will remain to be god.Praise his holy name!

I only started to look into near death experiences recently. A friend of mine had suggested that people experience much what they expect to. So I did some research. And what I found was astonishing! In actual fact, people tend to experience what they need to. The highest category of people who experience a vision of Jesus in a NDE are atheists. Your family member was given a second chance but he hasn't thought it through to its logical conclusions yet. Thank you for commenting, my friend.

Interestingly a family member of mine drowned when young, and he watched from an elevated position, people pulling him from the water and working on him. I only learned of this recently, and when I asked how he thought this possible if there was nothing beyond death as he believes, he admitted he couldn't even guess an explanation. He is a very good man, does everything right, and yet he still denies the existence of a Creator, of God, of life after death.