I'm A Catholic Charasmatic

The Peace of Christ Jesus be with you and yours.

I was baptized in the Spirit when I was about 21 and love the God, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit with all that I am and sinse the group at one of the Catholic churches in Hagerstown stopped meeting, I've longed to have contacts with other Charismatic Catholics.  Besides that I'm just looking for friends and think this would be  a place to begin.

I am visually challenged and tend to need bold print.  I have a few challenges in my life and managing with a bouquet of fabulous people in my life.  God never gives us more than we can handle, sometimes I feel like I'm walking on the edge and am safe for I have the Lord as my Rock and Anchor.

Here's a bit about me...your turn, how about you?  God Bless, take care
and drop me a line.
Beatresca Beatresca
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I am a Christian (other) as some people may like to label, personally believe labels are unnecessary. My relationship with him/her (Higher Power) is a wonderful feeling which reaches to the core of my being and reminds me the strength, love and passion I have hiding inside of me to carry on and find my true path....especially when I am lost - which over the years has been numerous :) - but really deep down I've known I've never ever really been alone, you just forget sometimes eh? But it's a comforting and wonderful thing having faith....particularly in yourself too.<br />
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I've tried attending a few churches over the years only to be bitterly saddened by a large percentage of christians in them who are worse than the most hypocritical, condesending, judgemental, self-deluded indiduals I've ever had the misfortune to meet out on the streets :) but I'm not bitter tee hee people like that bring me down and drain me.... So I practise my faith in the sanctity of my own home until I find a place where like-minded people can be together as one (think I'll be praying at home for a while yet tho.....:)<br />
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I am very happy and blessed in my life right now and thank God for leading me here....<br />
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Thanks for adding my as a friend.<br />
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Peace & Love comin' right atcha! ;) x

Thanks, Layla, for your reply. I have felt the same way as you toward my church friends, but as soon as I start judging them, I find myself doing some of the same things I disliked in them. So, lets remember we're none perfect and all have to deal with this sinful flesh body and that's one of the reasons we go to church, to fellowship with others whose flesh also gives them a hard time. I hope to be able to bring myself to the point that I can kick myself out of bed on Sunday morning to take these precious girls (5 &amp; 6) to learn about Jesus and His love and what He did for us. I cannot die without seeing to it they get the opportunity to know Him and His powerful love and grace. There has to be just the right church close by that will embrace us and help us grow in our faith. Layla, keep looking. There's a place for you where you can grow and appreciate the grace God will give you to over look their weaknesses just as you'd want them to yours. I'm glad you are feeling blessed and hope many more blessings for you. Lets be good friends here. I'm sure we have much more in common to talk about. Have a great day! ~dee

Sorry! I mis-spelled your name. LAYA, Laya, Laya, Laya ..lol

Thank you Donna and yeah your right I am just as bad as the people in churches who judge me. I was thinking that when I wrote my wee piece and thought about changing it... but felt it was a visual lesson for me to learn humility and respect for all. I'm getting there.

I thank you for you offer od friendship and would love to chat and let us get to know each other too.

Peace and love to you Dee xx

I am Christian who is not as close to the Lord as I need to be. My church (not catholic) broke up and I never really settled in a new one. I do believe in the Word of God and read lots of Christian news, etc. I'm pretty old, but am helping my son raise his 2 daughters who are 5 and 6. I have severe osteoporosis and am over weight and find keeping kids and housework almost more than I can handle, but I keep on pluggin' -lol. Take care and send msges anytime.

The Peace of Christ Jesus be with you and yours.

I have a relationship with God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit wherever I am.

And I know God is always with me. I love the fellowshipping of church at certain peiods in my life have been unable to attend due to my challenges in life and sometimes because I was stubborn and upset with God. Now he has brought me to a point of peace and I attend when I can.

How old are you grandchildren?

Take care and God Bless. You are in my prayers