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The Poem of The Man†God. Complete Work. Free to Read and Download.

The Poem of The Man†God. Complete Work. Available free for reading and download (PDF format) at,, and (incomplete).


This is the Voice of the Teacher. It roars and caresses.
It roars when it is addressed to those who do not want to be converted.
It caresses when it speaks to those who, though imperfect,
have the 'good will' to find God and his Word and,
having found Them, to sanctify themselves.
For these it becomes the caress of a Friend and the blessing of Jesus.



The Poem of The ManGod. Volume 1.

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The Poem of The ManGod. Volume 2.

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The Poem of The ManGod. Volume 3.

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The Poem of The ManGod. Volume 4.

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The Poem of The ManGod. Volume 5.

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The stuff Jesus said to Maria Valtorta that are not part of His life here on Earth (The Poem of The Man†God) are written down on Maria Valtorta's “Notebooks”. The 1943 notebooks are now freely available for online reading and downloading (PDF format) at the following sites:


Divine Dictations to Maria Valtorta (1943 Notebooks).

rkitkitavi rkitkitavi 41-45, M 3 Responses Mar 2, 2012

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So glad to see the 1943 Note available online now. I bought the 5 volumnes of the Poem of ManGod many years ago after three months period of consideration for spending $225 for the set. I feel so happy for people to be able to read it for free online now. I am very surprised and happy to have the privileage to read the Note free online too. Thank you so much!

All the best to you who have set this up. I have read all five volumes at least three times and always find more at each reading. Trying to carry out Gods wishes "read this book and have it read" will be difficult when you come up against the "difficult doctors" and priests with closed minds who refuse to taste the fruit. I feel sorry for those who feel compelled to preach against what is the work of the Holy Spirit. God bless you

I can't wait to start my journey down the life of my best friend, i hope and pray that i will know Him better and that that will groom me into a better bride. Amen