He Is No Slumbering God!

It is certain that God forsees, directs and governs all; as scripture, reason and daily experience prove. Would we but pay more attention to the many events in our lives, we would certainly notice the PROVIDENCE OF GOD, and give ourselves up to His guidance and dispensations. The Lord ruleth me, and I shall want nothing, says David. (Ps. XXII. 1.) And we also, we shall want nothing if we resign ourselves to God's will, and are contented with His dispensations in our regard; while on the contrary, if we oppose His will, we shall fall into misfortune and error. God must rule over us with goodness, or with sternness. He is no slumbering God. Behold! He shall neither slumber nor sleep, that keepeth Israel. (Ps. CXX. 4.)
An example comes to mind. My wife needed a new pair of sandals. She had only one pair of shoes, heeled, but they were not suitable for walking around in all the time. We were very poor in our early married life and as she knew our money was "tight", she didn't say a word to me about the much needed sandals. (This was in the days before we had such a thing as the wonderful Opportunity Shop.) I left her with the children and went off to a meeting in a nearby town. On the way home, driving around a long sweeping country bend, I saw on the side of that lonely Gippsland road, what looked like a pair of sandals. I stopped the car, walked back and there, placed neatly, looking as though someone had just stepped out of them, was a beautiful, new pair of sandals. I called out for the owner, but no one came. I waited, holding the sandals for some time. Still no one came, so I took them home; and the look of surprised delight on my wife's face was a picture. She wanted to know how I knew she needed a pair of sandals, how I had obtained the money, and how I had known the exact colour, type, and size. They were perfect! I then told her the circumstances of the acquiring of the sandals. Her smile shifted to serious mode, and she exclaimed, "The Providence of God!" And it certainly was. She was very grateful for her new sandals and wore them for a long time.
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Thank you Dogmatix, that was a beautiful story! I too, have had many encounters with Divine Providence. My husband escaped a terrible communist regime to come to marry me. God works in mysterious ways!

Thank you for sharing this marvellously uplifting and sobering reminder of God's Providence and exactitude. He pours blessings on His faithful while they slumber. In vain do we labour if it is not the Lord who builds. (Psalm 126)