I Went To See An Exorcist And This Is What He Said

The exorcist's name is Fr Terence Nortin OFM and he was giving a talk at St Gerard's Church in Dandenong.

Satanic culture is popular today; it is pandemic.  There is a visible culture around us of devotion to Satanic songs, churches, games and symbols.  Despite this, many people do not take it seriously.

Demonic influence is very real and is very dangerous.

How does one suspect the presence of the occult?  We will examine this shortly, but first we should consider our calling.

We are called to be holy and without sin. (Ephesians 1:4)  In our baptismal promises we renounce Satan and all his works and all his empty promises.  And we worship as we believe.

The greatest heresy that abounds in the world today is the separation of Jesus from the Church.

Our life is a spiritual warfare.  We know that we are of God and the whole world is seated in wickedness. (1John 5:19)  And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding, that we may know the true God, and be in His true Son. (1John 5:20)  And most importantly, we know that every one who is born of God is protected.  (1John 5:18)

We cannot be harmed by the devil unless we open the door to him.  We should not overly concentrate on evil spirits, but rather, lift our hearts and minds frequently to God. The devil cannot enter the soul.  Only God can enter the soul.

We should invoke the Mother of God who has crushed the head of the serpent.  Devotion to Mary is a sure remedy.

Isaiah 14:12-15 outlines the fall of Lucifer from heaven.  Lucifer wants to be like God; everything he has tries to mimic God and His Church - false prayer, false worship, false sacramentals etc.  He mimics everything in order to deceive people.

Satan holds out to us a dark wisdom and a dark knowledge.  He offers a health that is death.  Satan's kingdom is a lie.

St Paul prophesied that a time would come when people would believe evil spirits. (2 Timothy 4: 3-4)

People want to be told the truth and want certitude.  So when Catholics fail to preach the truth, people are swayed by falsehoods.

We have to be firm in our resolve to follow Christ alone.

Do not go to mediums or consult fortune tellers.  (Leviticus 19:31)  Such practise opens the door to the forces of darkness.  In this prohibition is included astrology and horoscopes. Jeremiah 10:2 Learn not the customs of the pagans and the stars of the heavens.

Curiosity killed the cat.  Curb your curiosity about such things.

*********** is extremely toxic and dangerous and weakens us.

1 Samuel 3 - Saul consulted a medium and the next day he died. All forms of fortune telling open the door to the spirits of darkness and must be completely avoided.

Fr Nortin told a story about a group of hairdressers who asked for help.  The fridge in the kitchen had a black smudge on it.  When the mark was wiped off, it would reappear.  The priests took a photo of it and when the photo was developed the face of Satan appeared where the smudge had been.

The enquiry divulged that two of the ladies had been living as lesbians and that a group of them had held a seance some years before.  

An exorcism had to be performed.

Today, witches can be found almost everywhere.  There is no such thing as a white witch.  All these practices open the door to evil spirits.

Voodooism is alive and well and begins after sunset and concludes in the morning.  Often bloody sacrifices are offered, not just of animals but of human babies too.  Often their worship involves Catholic objects.  People can be easily fooled.

Fr Nortin told another story of a Muslim man who got married and experienced all sorts of horrible things in his home eg feeling like someone was trying to strangle him while he lay in his bed.  He went to his Imam and told him what was happening and the Imam told him that he was under some sort of curse but he couldn't help him.  The Imam told him that to seek a remedy he would have to go to a Catholic priest.

A search of his home was conducted and they found bits of torn up paper with Arabic writing on them in all sorts of places, such as under his mattress and in his sock and jock drawer.  Put together, it was a curse.  The curse was put on this man by a jealous ex girlfriend and an exorcism had to be performed.

Curses, charms, amulets and potions abound.  Fr Nortin said we should never neglect to say grace before meals because so much ordinary food can be cursed.  St Benedict  said a blessing over his meal and the goblet containing his wine shattered.  The wine had been poisoned.

Spiritualism involves communication with the dead.  This is strictly forbidden.  

The devil cannot conjure up a dead person, but he can conjure up an image of a dead person.

Vitamins and conundras are often given by witches with Catholic prayers.  

Hypnosis is very dangerous.  The hypnotised person is dependant upon the hypnotist.

Reiki - forget it!

Hard rock music is dangerous - it presents big problems.  it is a vehicle for satanic culture.  Marilyn Manson threw a live puppy into the auience and told them they have to dismember it before the concert could begin.

A woman baptised into the church of Satan had cultic personalities.  She led police to where bodies were buried, and showed them houses in which black masses were being said.  There were even Catholic churches where black masses had been said, the satanists having entered the church in the middle of the night.

Police found an altar in the Belanglo State Forest where the victims of Ivan Milat were found.

The New Age movement is another vehicle of  the forces of darkness.  For us, God is the Creator and Lord.  In the New Age, Jesus is but one master among many.  The Green movement is very akin to the New Age and also seeks to undermine the Church.

When we talk of any power that is not of God, we are talking about a power which is demonic.

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Hang on... am I slow? Is this sarcasm? (If it's not, just pretend that I'm Sheldon and I just don't understand these things)

It is not sarcasm.

Ok then. Please carry on. I meant no disrespect. I was raised Catholic and my views on the world and God have evolved. I do not believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and I do not believe Satan to be an external influence. Satan is the manifestation of the latent hatred and ignorance that potentially exists in all of us. I shall send you a link to something I wrote about God, as I fear that you may not appreciate some of my other contributions to EP.

Pennonymous, thank you for reading this and sharing your thoughts. The exorcist did not go into detail about how or on what the exorcism was performed so I cannot comment more about the refrigerator, except to say that ordinary ob<x>jects can be blessed to sanctify them for the glory of God.<br />
<br />
What the Bible says about praying for the defeat of Satan is, "When Michael, the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of malediction: but said: The Lord command thee." (Jude 1:9)<br />
<br />
Therein is set the example. We are to ask God to rebuke Satan.

DenteAvvelino, the devil is only a created being. Compared to God, he is nothing. The Bible tells us that perfect love casts out all fear. I assure you that my world is not a world of fear.<br />
<br />
But I have read of people who are attacked by the devil and know what they go through. Basically, there are two kinds of people who are prone to this: the very good, and the very bad.<br />
<br />
We see it in the lives of some saints. St John Vianney, for example. These attacks consisted of all manner of noisy nuisances as well as physical assaults. The saintly priest actually asked some of his strong male parishioners to camp in the priory one night just to keep him company, and they all had to flee, terrified by what they witnessed. By all accounts, demonic obsession or possession is a terrible thing to suffer.<br />
<br />
If you are going through it, you do not care what people might think; you just want it to stop. Eventually, you will end up speaking to an exorcist. I will hasten to add, that the vast majority of cases met with are not cases of demonic obsession or possession, but psychological disorders.

You had me right up until an exorcism on a refrigerator. <br />
<br />
Satan only exists if you let him exist. If you look for Satan, surely you will find him/ it. <br />
<br />
God doesn't want us to pray to defeat Satan. God wants us to love. It is no more complicated than that.

The world must be a scary place for you.... it seems as if you tend to see satan everywhere... I suggest you follow your advice and keep your thoughts on higher things!

" We cannot be harmed by the devil unless we open the door to him. Â We should not overly concentrate on evil spirits, but rather, lift our hearts and minds frequently to God. The devil cannot enter the soul. Â Only God can enter the soul."

Reference to this part.

Thank you for your honest comment, my friend. I fail to see where there is a single word of hatred in this report. But what I do hear is that what the exorcist says makes you feel threatened.<br />
<br />
These guys go to people who are experiencing interference of a frightening nature in their lives. They are far from gullible. All such incidents are carefully investigated. There is a long history of discernment of spirits in the Catholic Church that is referred to in treating cases of demonic obsession and possession.<br />
<br />
And the guys whose job it is to battle these evil spirits call a spade a spade. Spiritualism is strictly forbidden in the Bible.<br />
<br />
There is no witch hunt here. Exorcists do not go chasing witches. They go to the homes of ordinary people who have been cursed by witches, though, or otherwise under the influence of the occult. In the above story, two specific incidents are referred to; they occur in the homes of a group of hairdressers and a Muslim man, both parties that needed the help of the Catholic Church to free them from a terrifying, praeternatural occurrence.<br />
<br />
That is not hatred, but charity.

I don't agree with everything you wrote..i think you pretty much condemmed everything. Spiritualism. is not evil. but hate is evil, and i read a lot of hate in this article..It smacks of witch hunts, that was the attitude of the 16th century, and so i will pass on that . <br />
<br />
I simply pray, and ask God for guidance..and leave it at that..

Thank you for reading this and for your supportive comment.<br />
<br />
The relevant verse is Genesis 3:15: I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shall lie in wait for her heel.<br />
<br />
We know that all the power of the Mother of God is derived from the merits of her Son. Christ crushed the serpent's head by His death, suffering Himself to be wounded in the heel.<br />
<br />
That Our Saviour willed for His Mother to have such a close association with Himself in the work of our redemption is shown by her presence at the foot of the cross, and by His words, "Behold thy mother." (John 19:27)

Interesting Writing as usual perseverer. I totally agree with just about everything you said except 1 thing. You said ... (We should invoke the Mother of God who has crushed the head of the serpent. Â Devotion to Mary is a sure remedy.) Could you give me the book and verse in the Bible for this? <br />
I agree totally that this world is leaning more & more to the Evil one of this world, which is sad. I attibute alot of this darkness to todays entertainment business we call TV. Satan has surley and is controlling the airwaves. I hear of people actually wanting to drink blood from watching the show "True Blood" or wanting to be bit by this vampire. I could go on & on, but you covered most of it. Excellent Write P!

Great story! Thanks for sharing this timely information.

Thank you for reading it and sharing your good ideas.

Unfortunately Satan has made many inroads and many are unaware of just how insidious he is. We must make proper use of all that is available to us; namely prayers, holy water, consecration of the family to the Sacred Heart and the blessing of the family home. A sacramental life will help us avoid evil. Thanks for sharing this interesting article!