I have always suffered from it and I can never seem to get over it.

I feel ridiculous admitting it, but it is true. I am morbidly afraid of bishops.

I know it is irrational to feel this way.  But I still do.  I always embarrass myself when visited by the bishop.  I dread it.

Tomorrow my school is being visited by his lordship and I just know my children will not address him properly or I will forget to do something I should. I would like his lordship to just circumvent my classroom and not come anywhere near me personally.  

I have managed to genuflect on my right knee and kiss his ring several times in the past.  I am incapable of doing it now and I hope I am not put in a position of being expected to.  

I think my bishopitis stems from the time I went to his lordship's Mass and he expected me to lead him in prayer.  I was embarrassed to death, though I managed to do it.

I cannot wait until tomorrow is over.
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3 Responses Nov 11, 2012

I guess it happens in just about any hierarchy, perseverer -the Bishop is, after all, your Boss, is he not?- but it must have an added aura of anxiety when he is also your spiritual leader.

I hope his lordship's visit went smoothly for You.

Thanks, Dex. In the end, the visit never eventuated. Safe for at least another year!

Well I never knew that! Still, I'm the one who should have the phobia. Freshly baptised, and meeting the Bishop for confirmation, I smiled cheerily and held out my hand to shake his! It certainly surprised HIM!

I have also had a moment of being casual with his lordship when caught off guard. It is easy to do, and I'm sure the bishop doesn't mind!

LOL!!!!( i find your story really funny) you will be fine my friend. :)

Thank you. Actually, the bishop did not turn up after all. Reprieved!

LOL!!! miracle huh?

Must have been!