The Three Days Of Darkness

The Three Days of Darkness is a Catholic prophecy concerning a divine chastisement. It is not binding on the faithful; however, the seers who have foreseen it are eminent in sanctity and their writings are approved by the Church.  Among those who  have given this prophecy are St Hildegard of Bingen, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Sister Marie Julie Jahenny, St Gaspar del Bufalo and St Pio.  Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Sister Marie Julie Jahenny and St Pio are all stigmatists.  Wikipedia describes this prophecy as Catholic folk lore.  But the prophesies of saints and stigmatists should not be so lightly dismissed, in my opinion.  

Prophesied chastisements are always conditional.  The plagues of Egypt, for example, were foretold to Pharaoh, and could have been averted had he let the people of Israel go.  The prophesy of the destruction of Nineveh was given by the prophet Jonah, and was received with credulity and penance.  Because of the penitence of the people, the chastisement did not happen.  As with all prophesies of chastisements, we hope that the Three Days of Darkness will be averted.  However, I am inclined to think that the world is too far gone.  These prophesies have been with us for over two hundred years and very few people have bothered even to consider them, let alone take them seriously.

Rather than cite the specific prophesies here I will give the salient features of them and list the chronology of events.  Then if anyone wants to do further research, they can simply google the prophesy from the particular seer or seers that interests them, as they are all available online.

On a particularly cold night the hand of God will strike in an unprecedented manner.  There will be wild winds and thunder.  An abnormally loud clap of thunder will be the signal that the chastisement has started.  It will literally rain fire.  All the demons of hell shall be let loose and for three days Satan will triumph.  The air will be filled with a poisonous gas.  Anybody who is outside or who even looks outside will die instantly.  

Stay inside and draw all the curtains and blinds. Do not look.  This is because God's anger is holy.  Make provision for the animals.  Make sure there is enough food and water to last.  Do not go outside to care for animals.  Anyone who steps foot outside will die on the spot.  Remain inside, prostrate of the ground with arms outstretched, before the crucifix, begging God for mercy.  Pray the rosary.  All machinery will stop.  The only things that will give light during those three days are blessed wax candles.  They will only be able to be lit by someone in a state of grace.

Three quarters of the world's population will perish in this chastisement.  Many people will think they are the only ones left alive.  All the world's vegetation will be destroyed.  

All the enemies of religion will be wiped out.  There will not remain on earth a single, unconvertible person.  The lightning will have demolished whole buildings.  The earth will have returned to a primitive state.  

St Pio tells us that those who fear God have nothing to fear; they will be protected.  But those who disregard this advice will perish.  God will prove that He is master over nature.  

After the Three Days of Darkness is over, the angels will descend to earth and assist in its replenishment, and in the renewal of Faith.  St Peter and St Paul will descend to earth and banish the demons to hell.  They will also choose a new pope, and the Catholic religion will be restored.
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Thats bloody scary perseverer! Is there any indication as to when this may occur?

I know, Brian. I have known about these prophecies for a long time. When we moved to our present home, we made sure we had pull down blinds installed and storage cupboards etc We also have a purple scapular - this is a guarantee for the protection of your property from fire.

As you know, I am a student of prophecy, and in particular, I am interested in the apparitions of Garabandal. If St Malachy's list of popes is correct, then we must be very close to the prophesied events. We know that the election of the next pope will occur in a most extraordinary manner, i.e. by being chosen by Ss Peter and Paul. Anyone familiar with the crisis in the Church and the loss of Faith, of the treachery and duplicity in Rome, would readily concur that such an extraordinary papal election is necessary. The comforting thought is that before the chastisement, there will be a universal warning and a spectacular miracle.

How would you update this comment in light of the unexpected departure of the pope and the election of Pope Francis? I believe Francis is the genesis of a world-wide movement of renewal in Catholicism, focused upon charity and outreach, ecumenism and prayer. And all the while sticking to Catholic doctrine.

I really could not do anything other than speculate. But there is no doubt that Pope Benedict was foreseen by Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich and she prophesied that this pontiff would receive a divine illumination that would prompt him to take the action he took.

I agree with your comment about Pope Francis. His is just the sort of leadership we need in our materially divided world; his focus on self abnegation highlights the truths that endure not only about the Gospel, but also about Christian spirituality. Thank you for your comment.