I Was Born Into a Catholic Fam...

I was born into a Catholic family and strongly believe in many of the morals and values. Though I can't say I'm a strict follower as I don't even go to church every Sunday.
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To be catholic isn't a label but a state in which, by being incorporated in the Body of Christ, you share with the other members your belief in, and dedication to, God the Father through God the Son, by the power of God The Holy Spirit.<br />
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Although we all have a long road ahead of us, you won't make any progress down this road if you do not go to Mass on Sunday, pray and go to confession regularly. <br />
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I hope you find the peace of soul that living the faith brings and I will pray for you, and hope you will pray for me too.<br />
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Thats the same for many people, just because your not a regular church goer doesn't say you can't be a strong catholic. My point being church is just a place to be counted and you ensure that you don't feel alone. Iam a regular church person although only resently (I was baptised a catholic but brought up very non-religiously, I converted if you will from simple religous respect to becoming a 'believer', for me god came first, the church second.) God Bless.