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I was born and raised in a very traditional Catholic family.  From a very young age, I have been taught according to the teachings of our church.  And I do consider myself a Catholic.  However, there are certain things that our church teaches that I don't necessarily agree with.  For example, we have a sacrament of confession where I am supposed to go to a priest and confess all of my sins to him who in turn gives me God's forgiveness.  Well I prefer to go right to the Big Guy myself and cut out the middle man.  I prefer praying straight to God for whatever kind of forgiveness I need to make me feel good about myself and I don't see a need to involve a priest in my relationship with God.  I get criticism from other Catholics saying that you can't "cafeteria style" your faith and pick and choose what to believe in.  Some people say it's an all or nothing deal.  I either have to believe in everything the church says to be a Catholic or I'm not a true Catholic.  I disagree though.  Bottom line is, I think people need to believe in whatever it is that brings them comfort.  For me it happens to be some of the ideas (but not all) of what the Catholic church is about. 

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Just wanted to give you my personal experience, I've been in and out of the Church so I've practiced other Christian religions. For me, there was a huge difference confessing to the Priest, even before you walk in, I considered my actions and why they needed to be confessed. I felt the disgust of what transpired much more when contemplating telling another Soul. It's a wonderful (and humbling) experience for me...<br />
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:::applause::: I've always felt that "sticking to the book" was the best way, but honestly, everynow and then you have to think for yourself and ask, "is this what God wants?" I feel the same as you, go straight to the big guy himself- He's the one who's listening, even though the priest can and does help. If I wanted to talk to the priest, I'd go have lunch with him....I can talk to God on my own.<br />
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I was just thinking, that when you said you disagree with some things, but you're still considering yourself Catholic, it reminded me of myself concerning christianity. I started to think to myself, "if I don't truly believe in this religion completely, then how can I call myself this or that.." I felt that for myself, I didn't want to be a half-way anything. I wanted to believe in a religion or idea completely. That's why I started researching religions to see if there was one that fit, one that I actually believed in, one that I had held as true all along that just happened to display all of those truths in a neat little package. If you're ever feeling the same way, I recommend looking at other religions-it's an amazing experience when you find the one that truly fits, not the one you have to pretend to follow..

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I think a worldly title does not involve your personal relationship with God. <br />
I hope this is the affirmation you needed to be confident in your choices.<br />
I am in a Religions of the World Class and need to ask some questions of a person of another faith. I was wondering if you could answer the following:<br />
How long have you practiced this faith?<br />
Have you ever been a member of another religion?<br />
What are the important holidays or traditions?<br />
What kind of challenges have you faced as a result of this religion?<br />
How has this religion shaped your life?<br />
What ob<x>jects or forces do you worship?<br />
What other types of worship do you participate in?<br />
How often do you worship?<br />
Is this common amongst most members of your religion?<br />
What would you like people to know about your religion?<br />
What happens when you die?<br />
Does your religion govern any of your food consumption (preparation, fasting, selection, etc.)<br />
Do you think there is any part of you that is a result of your religion?<br />
I appreciate your time and hope you can help. I will do the same if possible.<br />
Thank you,<br />