In Jesus, All Will Be Well

I know life is often hard and if you're trying to live your life as a Catholic, you have chosen to follow Jesus - the way of the Cross.  Life can often feel dark or we can feel lonely on this journey, and I just wanted to remind you of the goodness of God and how He is your Simon of Cyrene.

I was brought up in a good and loving Catholic family.  I was not poor, was popular at school, intelligent etc and life was blessed for me.  It was so good, that I didn't even really realise what I had and how fortunate I was.  I went away to university and I went WILD.  I don't mean just a little bit wild.  I mean WILD. 

I stopped practising the Faith and went more and more extreme.  I was drinking and taking class A drugs every night, having sex every day - often with people I have no idea of their names.  I got in a lot of fights, putting people in hospital, and being put in hospital myself.  I came very very clost to death on 3 occasions, one being that I almost died with a fractured skull after a particularly nasty drunken fight.  I drove away friends, treated some people appaulingly and was just out to have the most fun possible.

Then I fell in love with a friend who fell in love with me too.  This seemed to steady me and eventually I moved in with her, qualified as a lawyer and suddenly had that blessed life again - i was earning lots of money at a job I loved, and with a girl I loved (she was an atheist by the way).

My mum and dad, never stopped praying for me, were always patient and very very loving, and I never really stopped believing in my Faith as to me it all made such sense, but just stopped taking any notice of it.  However, one day I decided I would go to confession and go to Mass - no particular reason, it was just a nice sunny day, I was going to a BBQ party later, and it just seemed normal to do.  I went to confession and when I received Holy Communion my whole world changed.  I can't explain it really but I had a hunger for God that was insatiable.  I felt dizzy, I couldn't move from the Church, I just wanted to stay in front of the Tabernacle.  From that moment onwards, I read voraciously, everything I could find about the faith.  I loved it - it made my heart burn!!

I started going to Mass daily, saying a Rosary daily in the car on the way to work, and would travel miles to find exposition.  I could no longer reconcile my situation of living with my girlfriend and so decided I would marry her - after all, I loved her more than life itself.  I went to the jeweller, and whilst standing in the line looking forward to proposing, something else strange happened to me (which I won't go into now).  Anyway, the result was that I instead ended up breaking up with my girlfriend, selling the house, quitting my job and changing all of the priorities of my life.

God has rocked my world through the Sacraments and I now know my vocation.  I find life hard but now have something to live for.

If ever you feel God is not there, or has forgotten you, remember that He has a plan for you, that He loves you and doesn't want to ever let you go.  When I think of the things I've done and the mercy and blessings God has given me, I feel broken (in the humbled sense).  Please believe that God loves you and won't let you down.  Persevere through the dark times, hope in Him and let go.

Please pray for me and I will pray for all of you - we're part of His Mystical Body!!!!!!!!! - God is GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Be strong - fight and smile.

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:) prayers

You're inspiring, diskofunkster :)

You must have been priviliged.<br />
I was only able to afford class b drugs.<br />
Perhaps that's why I became protestant instead.<br />