We are to be grateful to God for the gift of life. Any self harm is sinful to God. Suicide is an ultimate rejection of his gift and of Gods love. That is sin. I pray all who commit this act repent in their final moment. Thankfully from what I've heard this is very likely :)

Calling something a sin isnt a judgement. I thought most catholics knew that.

The definition of sin for a believer is anything that goes against Gods holy loving and merciful will. God wants us to live the life he gave us.

Calling something what it is isn't judgement. Just like an "insult" or "slander" isnt that at all if its true.

If some says something insulting to me - im not to feel insulted if it doesn't represent how i see myself.
It represents the insulters rudeness.

If I have to own up to a sin I commit I am not judged I am corrected and forgiven.

There is Love.
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Where in the Bible does it say suicide is a sin? I feel desperately sorry for those who are in such emotional/physical pain that they take their own life, and perhaps more so those loved ones left behind. Traumatic enough for families without informing them that their departed loved ones are destined for hell. Does the grace of God not extend to those in great pain?

Does 'You shall not kill' ring a bell?

There is endless grace & mercy for the taking. It isn't shoved onto us. We have to open up and reach out and say yes I'll take it essentially
I don't say to anyone that there loved one is going to hell.
I feel sorry for them too but I don't know for sure where anyone is going but think we should all wonder

Nobody really knows the eternal fate of others,, I suppose, but I trust God in His abundant grace that we are covered by the blood of Christ, and we are covered by His blood because we will never, ever, in our lifetime reach the perfection required by Torah law.
Of course " Thou shalt not kill" rings a bell, although the proper translation of that is; "Thou shalt not commit murder". The thing is, when taking your own life you are not taking the life of others, and you are not committing murder.
A question for you. Would God condemn for being ill? Would God condemn us if an illness took our life? I'm sure you know where I'm going with this : )

People do things that aren't good for them that causes illness and eventual death....is that where your going ?

Not really, but I suppose that illness as a result addiction could also be included. Where I am going with is that suicide may well be the horrible conclusion of mental illness. It may also be that some suffering from a terminal illness have decided to end the suffering of not just themselves, but those who love them. Again, maybe it is the end result of a broken heart. Some can't seem to cope. What I'm saying is that nobody in a normal state of mind, or in normal circumstances would take their life. I seem to remember reading somewhere that as much as 95% of people who do commit suicide, do so under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I would think the % of those who didn't actually intend death would be very high indeed.

Love one another as you love yourself. Doesn't that assume vice versa?- If part of loving is to not murder(killing another) then... surely ...

Yes, the Christian calling is to love others as we would be loved, but it is also one of sacrifice. In some cases that means death, as with the Apostles, bar John, and many who followed after. Not that we are all to put ourselves forward as martyrs though. Thank goodness! : )

Ending suffering of self or others is not a right excuse for suicide. We are to suffer, we have to watch others suffer too, unless it's do to injustice/crime/sin

I those those suffering would have more to say about that. I don't agree that we are to suffer. Not in the sense of mental/physical anguish (isn't 'anguish' a funny word? o0 ) 'Perfect love casts out all fear', but how many of can say that truly applies to us in every situation? That's the trail, the growing up and maturing in the Christian faith.
The hard truth is that there is no Scriptural basis for the dogma of suicide being a sin. It's certainly not black and white. Even so, I would very stronly advise anyone against it as an option. Truth is I don't really believe many who do take their lives would have done so intentionally, or under bearable circumstances.

There's a lot I don't understand

You have thought more in depth on these things & have more words to say than I have

Basically suicide isn't a good thing

Bad things generally have bad consequences - not they deserve punishment but am concerned of their fate
Still not a fan of grey

Still think a painful existence should be seen as something to get through.

Suffering can be offered up with Jesus's sacrifice. But I'm no expert on suffering, I've been lucky

"There's a lot I don't understand " I though at first you were referring too my grammar! Just read through my last reply, and I'm amazed you could make head from tail from it o0. I should proof read my comments first, but I'm too lazy : )
Completely agree that suffering is something that we should work through, and if at all possible not do so alone. A problem shared, and all that.
I've had a few trails, but have managed to bounce back up, and get on with things.
I'm not a fan of grey either. It's nice to have at least some certainty in life.

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