Becoming Catholic

I will begin my RCIA class at my church this week. I can't wait. I grew up in a Catholic home but my parents did not baptize me in any faith. So now at 20 I have found my path and can't wait to embark on my journey.
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Way to go aindriueire, I am 63 years old & Catholic all my life. I have gotten more established in my faith as I have grown older. I pray almost every day (several times a day) & read scripture. I love St. Paul's letters. May you grow strong in your faith as well.<br />
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May God Bless You!

Congratulations! You must be close to through by now! It's the best in the world. I was raised very Catholic and never really left, but didn't really "wake up" either till adulthood. Now I'm stronger than ever and loving it. You will be too. Feel free to ask me any questions too, I may not know the answers, but I have good resources and am 100% faithful to the magisterium. God Bless!

Congratulations on entering the Church! It's really a joy to see someone awakening to the truth, and I am very happy for you. I was raised Catholic, and thankfully, have always held dear the gift of faith. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Good for you. Seriously, becoming part of the faith is the best thing you'll ever do! Speaking as someone who only found my faith very recently (I'm 18) I found it changed me made me a better person.God be with you!