God Does Not Judge You He Loves You.

As long as I can remember I've always grown up in the church as a little child. I've had my struggles growing up as a Christian trying to do right by my family and associates also living a life filled with God given purpose. But it was always such a hard thing for me to do because I just wanted to fit in with that so called popular crowd. I can laugh at it now because I've done bad things in my life and it just made me want to get closer to Jesus each time. So wanting to fit in with the rest of the world doesn't matter to me anymore. Now all that matters is living a life that is Christ like. I use to be told by many friends that i am always wise and should think about preaching but im so shy and not really a talker at times lol. In high school I never took my Lord and Savior seriously I always wanted to drink,party,and fit it with everyone else. I felt like well maybe if i do this or say that they will except me. I still have thoughts like that but very rarely because I realized that popularity and looking the best dressed and having tons of friends will not get you into heaven. What does matter in life and what will get you into heaven is believeing in your heart that Christ is our Lord and Savior, that he died for your sins and rose again he's alive! I know he is because everyday I always feel like he's in the room, in my mind and in my heart. He does not judge us on appearance, what we wear, what kind of job or car you have or even how much money you make. These are the things that only the world cares of but as Christians we dont have to worry about that because God will not judge us based on those things in life. All God cares about is that his children tell one another about him (salvation) (John 3:16) and his word (the bible)! God wants us to help eachother when we are in need of something or may need a shoulder to cry on. God wants us to show love towards one another not hatred or discriminating against one another.  God does not turn his back on us when we do wrong God loves you and I that much! The situation may not be what you want everyone else to see but it doesn't matter what people think of you all that matters is what God thinks of you and he will not judge you like the world judges you. God Loves you and I do too!heart

jamielymarie jamielymarie
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2 Responses May 12, 2010

Very nice to see such a strong young christian as yourself, your words and actions are a blessing

your welcome my friend!