The Christian Appetite For Some New Thought Or Teaching Is Insatiable.

" Now the Spirit expressly says that in the later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons"
1 Timothy 4:1

New books and new programs cannot be produced quickly enough to satisfy the demand, not only are individuals lining the pockets of those with this supposed new light church Pastors are getting in on the act and encouraging the flock to participate.

The Purpose Driven Programs, the Alpha Course, Cleansing Stream, and Theophostic Ministry, have taken the place of sound Bible exposition and the Church is in rapid decline Spiritually and morally.

Where are the Bible teaching Churches these days, or has it become difficult to hold onto the younger generation of Christians with sermons on sin and repentance and the reality of hell, this generation will not listen to reality which isn't new.

" For this is a rebellious people, false sons, sons who refuse to listen to the instructions of the Lord, who say to the seers, you must not see visions, and to the prophets you must not prohesy to us which is right, speak to us in pleasant words, prophesy illusions, get out of the way, turn aside from the path, let us hear no more of the Holy One of Israel" Isaiah 30:9-11.

Speak to us in pleasant words that is what this generation wants and these courses and books and CDs cater for this attitude. Add to this the Word of Faith movement and the Prosperity Preachers on Television and of course consumerism and the state of a lot of todays churches can be explained.

Christianity of old quenched the flames of oppression, lit the fires of freedom, and led two continents out of the darkness of paganism, todays Christianity is known for bingo games, softball leagues, and milquetoast preachers. Christianity of old toppled the Roman Empire. Todays Christianity cannot even rid the nation of legal abortion. Chuck Baldwin Christians no Different from the World.

Start a worldly church and the people will flock to the door. Noise and hustle has replaced " be still and know that I Am God " Psalm 46:10
churinga churinga
70+, M
Jul 12, 2010