Left Wondering.

Today this group list's 2.752 member's and 526 storie's. I scrolled through the storie's and took note of how many comment's were made. 2.752 member's yet only 526 storie's with more having been viewed by many but few comment's. I spend time on the Question and Answer and when a question on religion, God or Jesus are posted it scare's me. I was raised in a good christian home where many were and are today minister's, my father was a lay minister. I mean no disrespect or anything near it but I dont understand some thing's anymore. Where are God's people ? The perception of what a christian is today by most has sank further then I comprehend. Most of the answer's to question's explain us to be everything except christian's. Judgemental, Unforgiving, Hypicrit's going to church on sunday to be part of a group of people that only claim it for a few hour's and leave it at the door on their way out. How did we get here ? Why did we get here ? I know that a christian is not perfect but has the church fallen apart ?

I would really like to get some response to a few question's if you would please. I dont care where or what church you do or do not attend, just some honest opinion's. What in your view does being a christian mean. Do you feel that you get what you need when you go to church ? Can you still feel the presence of God in your service ? Are you less inclined to admit to being a christian in public today ? Why do you feel we are percieved the way we are today. Are more of us today the way they say ? God konw's I am not being smart here, I would just like to know how you see thing's through your eye's. I know what the bible say's of the final sign's, the fall of the church, false prophit's and being decieved. But where are God's children ? Please be honest.
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Too many people who would like to be good Christians are held back by their longing of being accepted by people in the world. This is so sad. Many proclaim their faith or lack of and have never learned enough to form an opinion. Whether anyone likes it or not, it is written. And that's it. The part we don't see for real is how our faith is measured. You have to believe what you've read and accept His word as He says it. God will not give us to much to handle but we don't believe it. Hence God lets us know as much as we can understand without blowing our minds. Anyone say what you want , but it does'nt matter if it's negative. You are not there yet.

Thank you for your response and your honesty in answering.

http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Christian/1113788<br />
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I commented my thoughts here and don't want to be a parrot. I recommended some reading but here I will speak to the false prophet built in safety valve.<br />
Religion requires indoctrination through threats of eternal damnation and it holds you there under it's control with a built in safety. Today we can learn the truth about the universe and the whole vengeful god doesn't fit the known universe. In fact your own thoughts taken to ultimate conclusion a god wouldn't be struggling with insecurities and jealousy. Clearly these are the words of men. Constantine converted and commissioned the bible 300 years after a man named Jesus existed. Every gospel was written in retrospect and with a political agenda. It was clear people would do anything for a religion but not for a nation so the two needed to be combined.<br />
In Eastern society no so. They where the artisans and silk farmers of the old world and they where far more interested in spirituality and finding inner truth. The merchants had no need for control and busting skulls of those that won't be controlled. The world still reflects this today. Both teach the golden rule but one has a hero built in. To find ones self and inner truth using the standard hero literature model isn't going to work. Hero's have 26 distinct characteristics in literature of which Jesus only has 23. For a full literary hit you would be better off with Hercules with a full house 26. And someone should expose you to the truth about Christmas and Easter. The winter solstace is actually Dec 21 but ancients couldn't register the ressurtection of the Sun until Dec 25. The three wise men (the stars on Orions belt) exactly point to the spot the sun would rise, clever aren't they? And the rebirth of the Sun is the day that is longer than night. The first week in April. We messed the exact day up with Penticost beliefs.<br />
So what is the truth?

Verdaniel, you are very blessed to have found a good church with an annointed pastor. I hope one day I can find a church like yours.

Thank you for your comment and I can agree with alot of what you said. But I have been in many a church that was run like a walmart and was dead. If I dont get my toe's stepped on here and there in a sermon, somthing is wrong. How will we stand in front of God and try to explain, I wanted to be politicly correct and not biblicly ?

Thank You for your honesty. Sad to say that it break's the heart.

To me being a christian means to follow the teachings of the bible but most importantly to treat others with kindness just like Jesus would. I don't go to church, the reason being I have yet to find a good one. I have been to more churches then I can remember. It was always the same thing, it felt like a social hour. The pastors always seemed like they were in it for the money since literally half the sermons I've heard are about tithing. Everyone acted so fake and would gossip and backstab. I cannot answer your question of where are God's children because saddly I often ask the same question. The reason why Christians are viewed as judgemental, unforgiving, and hypocritical because most Christians are judgmental, unforgiving, and hypocritical. At least all the Christians I've tried to make friends with. Thanks for sharing your story, these are questions that we as Christians should ask ourselves.