Would Spiritual Revival Make Any Difference.

The oil leak is capped, no more earthquakes in and around Haiti, the volcano in Iceland has gone quiet so we can all go about our business as though these and other calamities will not happen to us. The foregoing when taken in isolation have been to those not directly effected newsworhty, the question is what would all these events happening together with eathquakes in both hemispheres coupled with the total collapse of the world economy do to the life of the average American? We live on a razors edge and through media monopolies have to dig for anything that is remotely like the truth.

Take Rupert Murdoch and his media conglomerate News Corp. here is a man so desperate for control he gave up his Australian Citizenship to become an American Citizen and expand his media empire, is there anything he wont to do to achieve his goals probably not power is intoxicating.

The world needs more bread and circuses, more golf, more Wimbledons, world cups every two years, olympic games could be more regular anything to get the average person into a state of inertia because that is really what he wants, let the government do all the thinking and the media do all the interpretation for the masses and we have a glimpse of todays society, America is slipping into a cesspool of gloom and misery and loving it.

On the other side of the street are the Christians, how are they fairing under the curent circumstances.

Why doesn't God answer my prayers, why is God so far away, why can't i get a better job, why can't i get a job, why do i get passed over at promotion times, i am so depressed, i think i will end it all, my boyfriend left when i became pregnant why did God let him leave, why doesn't God love me any more, i married an unbeliever and feel miserable, how can God allow our home to be repossessed, why did God allow me to run up so much credit debt, why am i so lonely, why am i suffering from depression, God must hate me, why can't i find a good church were i feel welcome, we put mom in an old peoples home and she is still not happy, why is God punishing me.

Are these people real or imaginary, have they been self deluded are they part of a large group who will miss out based on a false premise? Living a good life, keeping the ten commandments, doing good , helping others, attending church being baptised, perhaps having Christian parents, reading the Bible as best they can, and not actually murdering anyone does not make anyone a Christian.

" God is a righteous judge , and a God who has indignation every day , if a man does not repent , He will sharpen His sword; He has bent His bow and made it ready" Psalm 7:11-12
churinga churinga
70+, M
Jul 22, 2010