I just posted probably the longest story I've ever written on EP all about my journey to where I am today, and then the Internet ate it.

The point of the story was this:  I've always been a Christian, just not publicly, proudly, or practicing-ly.  I've been through a lot of other "religions," too, including being a high priestess for a coven of witches, but throughout all of that, I've never been able to deny God's existence.  I've cheated on so many people with so many other people that it makes me sick to think about.  Life was bad, got worse, I almost killed myself a few times...

...And here I am today.  Some of my friends hate me because now they know I'm a Christian.  Others just won't talk to me anymore.  Whatever.  I'm sick of living in denial, of living in such a way that the people around me are happy and comfortable in my presence.

I am a Christian.  If you don't like it, too bad for you.

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I dont understand why people get bent out of shape over other's religious preferences.<br />
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To me, it seems very insecure to attack somebody for not doing the same thing "they" are doing.... beyond that, religion is a personal understanding about "God" i would rather somebody follow what they believe and understand, instead of pretending to follow what they dont believe or understand.

Thank you for sharing that with me, gpwfmg... It's kinda nice to know I'm not all alone. :)