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I may be alone on this, but I think Rob Bell is a false teacher. He proclaims to be a Christian but much of his teaching calls into question the authenticity of the scriptures or at least calls to questions the importance of the authenticity of scripture and also blends in beliefs and practices from other religions. He does not talk, either, about the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ much. As a matter of fact, in his book "The Velvet Elvis" he states that if Jesus is not the Son of God it makes no difference to our faith. But it does. Jesus had to be the Holy and sinless Lamb of God/Son of God for His dieing on the cross to mean anything. He also says that if there is not a triune God, it does not matter. In one of his Nooma videos he states that Peter sank into the water because he lost "faith in himself." He did not mention that actually Peter sank because he focused too much on himself and took his eyes off of Jesus. We all sink when we take our eyes off Jesus.

I'm not saying Rob Bell is a bad person. Nor am I saying that some of his videos aren't appealing...quite the contrary he does have a gift of being interesting and entertaining to listen to and the Nooma videos are well produced. But I think his foundational beliefs are on sand and we all know what happens when you build your house on sand. But it troubles me deeply how many Christians are attracted to his teachings. I have gotten people very mad at me for stating what I have written above. I am perplexed. How can what seems so apparent to me, not be apparent to others in my church? It's very disheartening especially as people have been very mad at me for expressing these view points.
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It grieves me how love of truth is in decline in the church these days. We need to pray that God will raise up Christian leaders who have the will to protect the flock from false teachers. Partly as an overreaction to Pat Robertson's many gaffes, I think, the emphasis among Christian leaders today is on being totally nice and inoffensive and uncontroversial. That is not what the apostles or Jesus Himself were like. Jesus commended the Ephesians because they could not "endure evil men." Today we pride ourselves on enduring evil men like the false teachers who lead the Emerging/ent Church.

Thanks for the encouragement conceptualclarity. Truth is I did leave that church and am now going to a different church. I am still involved in a few things at the old church and, ironically, a leader of a study called TheTruthProject shut me up and would not let me speak the truth about Rob Bell when another member of the group brought up his book and that is how I got so shook up. I mean here I am in a group that is all about studying and understanding a Biblical worldview and the leader of my group (who is from the old church) shuts me up because he doesn't want to "go there." I am confounded, but the irony of the situation has not escaped me. Oiy.

I already had noticed this about Rob Bell. You are absolutely right. The blunt truth is that many of the people being put forward today as good Christian teachers are unbelievers who have no true knowledge of Jesus. Brian Maclaren in one of his books related how a man in his church came and asked him why Jesus had to die. Maclaren says he thought about it for a few weeks and then came back and told the man he didn't know. Clearly Maclaren has not even made it to first base with the Lord, and yet he is being touted as a great Christian leader. PrayerWhisperer, have courage. The problem is with THEM, not with you being "judgmental." The New Testament has a lot to say about false teachers within the institutional church who deny the very Master, and the apostles' divinely inspired words about such people are unsparing. <br />
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You may need to find a new church.

I have no clue who Rob Bell is other than what you said here, but I agree with what you said when you wrote "Jesus had to be the Holy and sinless Lamb of God/Son of God for His dieing on the cross to mean anything." Where would be the saving power in His death and resurrection if He wasn't the true, divine Son of God?