The Wisdom Of A Child

While writing a speech one morning the man’s wife had to go out shopping. Ten

Minutes after she left, he heard a knock on his study door. There stood his seven-year-old son who complained , “Dad, I’m bored.”


The father attempted to play a game with the boy and write the speech at the same time. This went on for nearly two hours until the father realized that unless he could find some other way to amuse his son, he was not going to finish his speech in time. So he picked up a magazine and flipped through the pages until he found a large, brightly colored map of the world. He tore the page out and ripped it into many pieces. Throwing the pieces all over the living room floor, the father said, “Son, if you can put the map of the world back together, I will give you a dollar.”


The child rushed to the task, eager to earn some extra pocket money, while the father returned to his study believing that he had just bought himself two or maybe three hours to finish his speech; he knew that his seven-year-old son had no idea what the map of the world looked like. But within ten minutes, he heard another knock on the study door, and there stood his smiling son with the completed puzzle in his hands. Amazed the father said to the child, “Son, how did you finish it so quickly?”


The child smiled larger than ever and said “Well, Dad, I had no idea what the map of the world looked like, but there was a picture of a man on the back. I put a piece of paper on the floor. Then on top of that piece of paper, I put the picture of the man together. I put another piece of paper on the top of that and turned them both over. I took the top piece of paper off, and there was the world, complete and in order .”


As the father stood there in awe, the boy continued, “Dad, I figured if I got the man

right, the world would be right.”


(Matthew Kelly – A Call To Joy)


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