The following excerpt was compiled by me from Kent Crockett's book entitled "The 911 Handbook":

(example to explain foreknowledge and predestination)

"The Bible tells us God works all things together for good because He knows ahead of time who will choose to love Him - See Romans 8:29-30...God doesn't do this for everyone,but for those who love Him...We are currently sitting in the present looking at our situation. But God sees things from a different perspective. Because He sees all of time, He can intervene and make things turn out for His glory...

The word "know can mean different can mean to have knowledge - Gen. 3:7...or it can mean "to know intimately" - Gen. 4:1...That's why Jesus (who knows all things) will say to many people, "I never knew you" - Matt. 7:23...He has knowledge of them, but He doesn't know them intimately...

God knows everything before it happens, which is foreknowledge. That means He knows ahead of time who will call on Him to be saved and who won't. Because He has foreknowledge of those who desire to be saved; He foreknows those same people...God allows us to have free wills but He chooses everyone who chooses Him...His predestination is based upon His foreknowledge of what we will choose to do....because of His foreknowledge, God knows your mistakes ahead of time. Through His predestination, He chooses to intervene and turn your mistakes around for good...He did it in Joseph's life, He did it in Esther's life, and He will do it in your life too...."


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Jul 29, 2010