Life Is Tough But God Is Faithful

“Every time a believer struggles with sorrow or loneliness or ill health or pain and chooses to trust and serve God anyhow, a bell rings out across heaven and the angles give a great shout. Why? Because one more pilgrim has shown again that he or she understands that Jesus is worth it all. God is faithful. Life can be hard and grossly unfair. When the bad things happen, we often ask, ‘Can I trust God?’ But perhaps the real question is ‘Can God trust me?’ Can He trust us to hold on? Can He trust us to want to become mature Christians, or will we remain little children who believe in Him only if He makes it worth our while? When life seems to cave in for no reason at all , will we remember that God is faithful? If we are going to be able to handle life when it doesn’t seem to make sense, we have to get real. We have to set our faces in the right direction and keep walking as He walked. At times the road will be long and dark, the mountains unscalable. Because we’re human, we won’t always make perfect choices .Sometimes it will seem that we take two steps forward and one step back, but it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is being on the right road.”

(Sheila Walsh – Life Is Tough But God Is Faithful)

jburns1947 jburns1947
61-65, F
Jul 30, 2010