I'm No Saint

hey ppl i believe in God and all his powers , i believe in angels too , i knw being chritian ppl take it as joke and dnt blvthy are here because of gods luv and grace , i want  to gods will all the time but ,sum tyms it is hard... but i will keep the faithangel
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6 Responses Jul 30, 2010

It is never easy doing God's will but then, that's why he calls us to it. With faith, we can do all things so, hold on to it. It's beautiful that such emotions are moving you at an early age.

No worries Peace :)

Kris99 - I stand corrected. My apologies, I misunderstood what you were trying to say.

Peace, wow. You really judged me extremely wrong. I negated nothing. Everyone hears God in their own way. <br />
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I'm wondering how she does his will...she says it's hard and I wanted to talk about that.<br />
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It shouldn't be hard to do his will. (Matthew 11:30) If it's hard, it's probably false teaching that is burdening her. (Matthew 23:4-)<br />
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Jesus doesn't do that.<br />
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How can I know if that's the case though if I don't first ask her what she thinks is Gods will for her?

Kriss99 - she has probably read her Bible and attended service at church. Why negate someone's declaration of love and willingness to serve the Lord? Tsk tsk...

How do *you* determine what is Gods will?