My Mother Is Evil

My mother's spirit is evil. I have seen it at times, especially at spiritually revealing times e.g. when I'm attending a retreat. The first time I saw it very clearly, it was completely dark. But there were two pieces of white light in the darkness. The first was a ring around her mouth like a halo. I sensed that this was an imposed sense of holiness in her that prevented her from ever expressing anger openly to anyone. My mother is very judgemental about me expressing my anger openly. So I know she has an issue with the emotion of anger. She refuses to acknowledge that she even feels any anger, ever.

The second piece of while light was the long face of a man. It was quite scary. It was a face with high cheekbones and hollows in the cheeks. And I heard my mother's voice said "we must not become subject to the anger of God".

This tells me that the male figure(s) in her life (I'm assuming her father, then her husband) were all powerful in being dominating and controlling. I think while she would have lived a life of fear and a sense of powerlessness and lack of freedom, her father would have freely expressed anger in a very unjust and often inexplicable manner.

I think the basic message that she was given was that a person in control of the finances, especially if it was a man who was physically stronger as well,is allowed to act like God and say what is good and bad, right or wrong. A person that was financially dependent, especially if it was a woman, was never allowed to show any anger and was violently disciplined for showing any freedom of opinion.

I know from what my mother has told us that her father was physically abusive to her. I believe he was sexually abusive to her on a psychological level.

My problem now is that she has been pulling out my hair since the last year. I have lost two-thirds of my hair. She does it every time she gets upset about something. She is very upset that my father does not acknowledge that I am more spiritual and Christ-like than he is.

My father is like a petty, emotionally retarded bully - he is unempathetic and rude. He cares only for himself. 

When I ask him to do something right, he quickly does something different so as not to submit.

However, I do not believe that what my mother is doing is justified. Her spirit must not be found anywhere near my scalp. I have asked for God's justice upon her since I cannot prove what she is doing. I do not have my father's open support for what I see in the spirit.

Do pray. I cannot afford to become bald. This would hinder me from living a normal life as a 31 year old woman.

My father does not actually like her but every time I sense that he might leave her, she pretends to be sick. This morning, she pulled on my scalp so violently, she became sick. She is dangerous and must start to face spiritual consequences for the evil that she is doing to me so that my hairfall can cease.

I thank you for your support.

Update on the 4th of August 2010

When someone does something right, my mother quickly says she or someone else has done something right. When she does something right, she sort of complains about herself being too righteous and attractive. When someone does something wrong, she does one of 3 things depending on her mood and situation:
(1) She quickly acts like she herself would do that wrong thing, protecting the other person from feeling bad about themselves
(2) She pouces on the person, criticising them for not having done the right thing and says that the right thing would have been so easy to do
(3) She protects the person's "dignity" keeping them from feeling that they have done anything wrong

In any case, she seems to confuse a thought, word or deed of righteousness with the nature of the person. Its like she isn't really interested in the right thing being done. She's just interested in who gets the credit for being right and who is successful at acting humble about doing the right thing. This would of course be her in most cases - the one who is right and the one who is humble about it.

I see her as being dishonest and constantly trying to get glory for herself.

Update on the 5th of August 2010

My mother feels unworthy of relationships and love. She expects to be accused of being sinful for having an attractive woman's body (she thinks women are a sexual temptation to men). Because the body itself is sinful in her mind, she does not try to think, say or do the right thing. She thinks its no use trying to say, do and think righteous things because its not really about character anyway. She feels she under-rates her physical beauty and that this is a righteous thing to do.

She also believes that it is righteous for a woman to suffer wrongdoing from a man "patiently" knowing that the man merely has a weakness natural to him (a high sex drive and sexual desire for the woman concerned) and that this weakness stems from having a man's body. She believes that women do not have much of a sex drive, particularly those women that are stay-at-home housewives. She relates her victim status to righteousness.

Because her belief is that men have sinful bodies in wanting women sexually and women have sinful bodies in being sexually wanted by men, she has very little conscience.

When the body itself is considered "bad", a person can't be expected to do anything good or righteous. Also, because of this negative mindblock, it is hard to see one's potential for love or human goodness.

In her belief system, sex is inherently sinful and the woman giving in to the man sexually is her act of righteousness. In fact, she believes that the very lack of sex drive is a sign of righteousness. The man providing for a woman financially dependent on him (despite her body being more praise worthy than his own and her sex drive being "righteously" lower than his) is his righteousness.

Update of the 11th of August 2010

My mother has a very low level of confidence. She feels less than other people, especially those with money. She feels she has inferior status to my father because he earns and has the money. When I try to teach her that Jesus would relate to her at the very level that she is at, no matter how lowly and inferior, she doesn't believe it competely.

I have been telling her how Jesus spoke out bravely in godly love even though the Pharisees and the Romans were rich, powerful men. He loved God and people to the point of death, death on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of those that did not know how to love.

Christians are called to love people, even very sinful people in powerful positions, in the way that Jesus loved. I want my mother to get this.

There are evil spirits within my mother that keep her from relating to Jesus as an equal. I think this is important for any Christian to do because we believe we are made in God's image and that we have the mind of Christ.

Also there are evil spirits (that are jealous of her) within her that keep her from feeling any maternal love towards me. They condemn her and tell her that she is just made for men's sexual pleasure. So then she starts to act like a rival with me again rather than as a protective, loyal mother.

The hair pulling is still bad, actually. I am terrified that I might go bald. My father is meanwhile protecting my mother as she is pulling out my hair telepathically, saying that she is doing this merely in competition with me for his sexual attention. He also says that I must allow the hair pulling to continue so that my looks can be equal to his and things can be fair. My father believes that I am secretly attracted to him and am cleverly hiding it because I am jealous of him.

He seems to think he is very attractive to women, and even to men. He sort of feels like a homosexual at times. He always has this suspicion that woman are laughing at him sexually, i.e. they find him attractive and won't say so. His mother (my paternal grandmother) is very weirdly unmotherly in that she acts romantic about my father. She acts very young for her age and seems attracted to him. She keeps an emotional distance from him in general and feels that because he is a man and a provider, he has a situation that a financially dependent woman would be jealous of. She herself is widowed and financially dependent on my dad. Also my dad and his mother think that children are sexually attractive to adults and must therefore be harassed or bullied for their pleasure.

He believes that a mother should be respected at all times especially if they make the sacrifice of sleeping with a husband that they don't like or find attractive. This is the reason why he protects my mother while she pulls out my hair.

Update of the 23rd of August, 2010

My mother is still pulling out my hair. I have very little left. I am praying that someone among our friends or family will call us and speak to us about her evil spiritual activities, which I am sure they have seen spiritually. I have discussed the problem with 2 spiritual leaders as well. My parents are scaring people into not telling me the truth - that they know about my parents' dark spiritual activities. If people discuss this openly, my parents can be stopped from ruining my life.

Update of the 24th of August, 2010

I have found out that both my parents are evil. They have destroyed both my romantic and working relationships by putting negative thoughts into people's heads.

Currently, there is someone wonderful who is interested in me. They have been keeping him from speaking to me directly. Please pray that he does speak to me directly. I need him to rescue me from having to live with my parents,
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ps. pray study what narcissis personality disorder is im sure you will see your parents ,I hope

If thisis a real person life story then honey you need to run as fast as you can .Youre in a bondage and deception and one day may not be able to get out . In the natural realm this is a toxic sick family and your just there to play a role that they need to hold their sick world together . In the spirit realm, youre in bondage to jezebel and mr ahab, and their assignment for you is to prevent you from knowing and feeling Gods true love and acceptance , never has he called you to have your hair pulled out hes called us to peace and joy , your controlled by two narcissics it sounds like and you will just become a eunch type supplier to their emotions , RUN!

Thanks for the supportive comment Longrun. I am talking to a Counselor at the moment. I will try to keep editing this story to talk about any changes that happen or any spiritual growth in my mother.