Trying To Follow God's Plan For Me

As a child, I was forced to go to church every Sunday and resented it. Both the adults and the children at church were clique-y, judgemental, and hurtful. When I became a teenager, I stopped going. In my teens and early twenties, I strayed far away from God. I became involved in anything the Bible warns against. All I got in return was plenty of heartache. I eventually married an emotionally and verbally abusive man. He is extremely angry and cannot explain where his anger comes from. We have a beautiful son together and I just found out we have another baby on the way. This year, his abuse brought me close to emotionally hitting rock bottom. I went back to church, and that is what saved me. I became a born again Christian, and now attend church regularly. My going to church makes my husband even angrier. I know I need to follow God's plan for me. However, I don't know what that is. I have people praying for me, including the pastor and his wife. But things just don't look clear. With a baby on the way, I have to figure out what to do. Pray for me.
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I'm praying for you! You're not responsible for your husband's reactions. You're not doing anything wrong following God's will for you. Just keep trying to show your husband the love and grace that Jesus showed you. Try to see your husband through God's lens. I know it can be tough sometimes and I don't know all of your circumstances so keep praying, and I'll pray for you, too!

God spells out his plan for us all in his word,pray and continue attending Church no matter how angry your husband get..I will be praying for you also.

gods purpose for you is for you to just receive his salvation, his gift of righteousness, his gift of grace to see you through, you are already forgiven, accept it, and read eph, it tells us that god has already done for you, he has forgiven you, take it, he has blessed you, walk in the consciousness of it, he is with you, you are risen with christ, it means that you think differently, learn everything he say he has given to you, and write it down and say it before him, tell him you take it, you accept it, and everyday say it to yourself, and you will walk with him, that is what he wants , sons of god.

MadamM, I wasn't just saying pack up and leave when things turn ugly, but being in an abusive relationship is neither good for her nor her children, I didn't say she SHOULD leave, I said she MIGHT NEED TO. It's not my judgment call. I also said her husband needs prayer and that God has the power to help her husband be better. But I wouldn't recommend just enduring (and exposing children to) an abusive relationship while waiting for a change that may or may not happen. This doesn't have to mean divorce--just a separation. And it was just a suggestion. As with anything, it's up to her, but I wanted to put it out there. I don't know how severe the situation is, but if it's really bad, it can cause lingering issues in the childrens' lives as well as her own. But I'm definitely not just saying jump ship when the weather looks bad.

Sometimes No, is you enterntaining your husbands anger, sometimes no is you going out and entertaining the world by living and how they say you should live. The step you took, its a relationship or at least it can be with God, just like we are constantly learning and growing, thats how it goes with God, you might have reached a certain point in that relationship and you obviously want more with God, so now you have to really take even greater steps. In this generation it seems to become harder and harder so you really have to fight. You know what you need to do, you know what steps need to be taken to get to the level of your relationship with God so that you can see the next step in this new life with him.

Im sorry but jumping to a conclusion of her having to seperate from her husband i mean noone can make that judgement but her right now goodness. Gods Love is great people if you pray and fight in that belief, that Truth then nothing is going to be able to fight with you and im sure you love your husband and just seriously pray for his deliverance, pray that one day he wakes up. Now i think this is hopefully what Brieks what trying to say but if you're walking with God, I mean truly trusting and believing in him again then he not going to let you linger there in pain, he doesnt put people through hardship to test them, like we all want to imagine, he doesnt make you suffer and deal with pain. If thats how you feel its coming from you, if your husband chooses not to accept the Love that God is offering and you have chosen God, Well its like your some special creature now and your husband is out of the cirlce. He will take the things that need to be flitered out of your life away if needed but remember this only with your permission, He cant give you your path or help your husband, or bring you peace if you tell him no and for a human no can come in so many forms other than the word no.

I will pray for you. May God be with your and your children. <br />
Your husband also needs prayer. God can help him turn himself around if he would let Him. But for your sake and your childrens', you might need to separate from your husband. The way he is could seriously negatively affect their development. <br />
I'm glad you have accepted Jesus and started going to church again. =) You have a family there now, and that's really good. Is there any path that feels right for you yet? Like it might be the one God wants for you? Pray about it. Find a quiet place if you can and spend some quiet time with the Lord. He is there for those who seek Him.

Sometimes, we can get to focused on trying to see the plan instead of just relishing in the simplicity of Gods Love. The reason things become so hectic and hard to see is well Us, humans, man, woman. We complicate everything even if its for a good cause or with good intentions. You might be so consumed with trying to find that complete vision of your full salvation from the way you've been living that you've forgotten that God only needs you to honor his love by believing in it and just let God do what he does best .....Love and if you go to the bible you can read about how he describes what love is. His love can heal, can transform, give life, name it. Just have faith in what he is capable of. I know that souns cliche, I know you've heard so many people say the same thing, I know you might be sitting there saying i do have faith thats what im doing. But believe me when I say its that simple, he cant show you where you need to go next if you're there worrying about where that message is. Relax, spiritually relax and place this anxiety and frustration, your fears and anger in him. Tell your church to pray for god to place a covering around your house. Your husband can get mad but as long as your heart is with God, and you and your church are always praying for that covering in your life than you are safe. One day when you've built a strong spritual mind and heart back up you'll be amazed by how powerful Gods love truly is in this world. I hope you keep holding on and putting this in his hands and there are always others praying and you're not alone in this battle.