Just The Truth, Nothing More Or Less

 I’ve made up my mind to say the truth as God would have it said. I’m not seeking for fans or admirers because I have only one audience to please and that’s the audience of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.
I’ll Preach the whole truth not partial or half truth, I dare not be subjective or distort it with human ideas or Contemporary events , I dare not garnish it to make it appeal to individual taste or Preference because My judge on the last day would be God and not man.
People may say whatever they like, they could say I’m not modern enough; it’s alright because any modernism that will make me incur the wrath of God is not worth it. I’m not ashamed for its noble call. I dare not be intimidated because the One who sent me is greater than Man.
I’ve made up my mind, I’ve counted the cost ,I’ve burnt the bridge behind . I’m going to be a worthy ambassador. I can’t keep quiet and watch false doctrines spread everywhere; I can’t be still and see multitudes perish in sin and end up in a lost eternity.
I’ll defend the truth; I’ll preach the whole counsel of God and not dilute it in any way. I’ll tell people of God’s love for humanity and, the redemption of Mankind through his son Jesus Christ and His power to save from all sinful indulgence and its guilt and make one righteous.
I’ll tell everyone I see because the person I see today, I might see him/her no more. John Wesley did it, Charles G Finney did it and by Gods grace I’ll do it.
What about you?
joerio joerio
36-40, M
Sep 10, 2010